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Spirit vs AVANGAR
Its really stupid veto because Avangar doesn't often play cache and spirit has a problem with ct side on mirage. More logical: 1) Avangar removed Nuke 2) Spirit removed Train 3) Avangar picked Mirage...
Spirit vs AVANGAR
Spirit removed train 1st ban
Nemiga vs Spirit
Who is drunk? lol
Nemiga vs Spirit
All matches between these teams have always been close, but Spirit has ended in victories, I think this time it will also happen. I think it will be inferno... Maybe mirage, dust2.... 16:11 for Spirit...
Team1 vs djakuyu
I will support my guys from Team Spirit Lets'go SDY & COLDYY1 <3
Spirit vs Red Reserve
Let's see: Mr. druken will answer for his words or continue to show off against CIS
ENCE vs Vega Squadron
i don't know, vega is unreal aggressive team, its really hard to play against them, i think if they continue play in super aggressive style, they win this tournament. Bet 3-1 on Vega
Vega Squadron vs NRG
Overpass instant win for NRG xD omegalul
Spirit vs x6tence Galaxy
i hope spirit will win atleast one game today... Bad times for us :c
Spirit vs 3DMAX
v gruppy sotfika zaidi v vk
Spirit vs 3DMAX
In this game spirit will test your new style of play, let's see what will happen
BIG vs compLexity
Interesting who will win it. the american team is not bad, but BIG major legends shouldn't leave the tournament from 0-3, although coL is also a major legend. lmao xD
Waterboys vs Spirit
expect 7 maps from the main map pool will be play tuscan, aztec and cobblestone? lmao :D
Waterboys vs Spirit
Russia has 11 time zone
Waterboys vs Spirit
Maybe because Russians is not convenient to play at 12 am?