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s1mple top 1 2021
s1mple top 1 2021
S1mple is by far i said BY FAR the bestest player ever in history of CS. By far the best player to touch the game. Truely Alex was right, s1mple number 1 in the name and number 1 in the game
s1mple top 1 2021
S1mple was even top#1 in 2019 and 2020 stats wise. But HLTV robbed this beast
Gambit vs Natus Vincere
S1mple is uterly insane man, i never seen player like this never never. I don't understand how he is so different from all other players, he is the besstest player to touch this game, alex was right, ...
Gambit era
Not much they both are irrelevent, bcoz much of the work is done by FL1T in his team he mostly plays 1v5 games, where as nafany got 3 star players in form of Hobbit ax1le and sh1o who always carry him
Gambit era
FL1T & hobbit both are good IGL
Top tier aimers RN NiKo s1mple Ax1Le twistzz Hobbit YEKINDAR huNter XANTARES BlameF flamez frozen ropz TeSeS FL1T ZYWOO
Gambit era
This lineup will beat NaVi 10 out of 10 times. Sh1ro Hobb1t Ax1Le YEK1NDAR FL1T
FURIA vs Natus Vincere
s1mple is crazy
-Jks +BnTeT
polish beASTTTTT
Xyp9x - struggling too much
What do u mean by old. He is insane and age doesn't matter if you feel the game
Xyp9x - struggling too much
What about 174 Good events?
Xyp9x - struggling too much 3 bad events and u want to remove a legend?
astralis 'fix'
They can't remove xyp9x they won alot of big events and major just bcoz of xyp important clutches, which are needed in intense situations, when they need him, he always there to give them that round w...
Astralis vs Complexity
everyone on astralis looking sharp