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Best horror movies
I thought it sucked. Just 90 minutes of random actors screaming.
Best horror movies
mama? Was okay...
Best horror movies
my half sleeve
"Give me the most average and the most cliché tattoo you can do and put it on my arm" "Okay then" Goes to HLTV, creates thread about it. end of story.
She kissed me, but...
HLTV need pics to help. Sorry, that is how things work here.
Best city in your country
Best city in your country
Berlin is as ugly as it can get.
best csgo game ever
okay, top 5 team vs top 15 team is now average. Got it. That was probably the best game Nifty ever played btw. And it was in Sydney so mouz played against the home crowd. Very good game. https://w...
fat girls
Too much IMO. Ashley Graham though...
[18+] r8 ass
best csgo game ever
mouz - renegades @ IEM Sydney just recently. 7:16 25:23 (!!!) 15:19
Best crowd reaction
Best Aimers in PRO scene
I actually think that nex has a very decent aim. but yeah, Niko and s1mple are crazy.
Trump protests London, best pics
Yeah, because Kim and Putin will stop May, Merkel and Hillary. Kim and Putin are the only men left in politics.
Trump protests London, best pics
I think Trump is an idiot. He proved that over and over again. I still think these protesters are just stupid. There needs to be a reasonable middle way. For Trump: Re-negotiate your deals, try to...