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attractive feminist
you must have a tiny pen*s if you think that treating women equally is a bad thing.
I love this!!! Every time Trump f*cks up, there is someone here to tell us what he really meant. That is the number one rule. Rule number 2: He was kidding!
Canada VS Europe
My aunt moved to Canada for her German employer. So she lives in Canada, but with a German employment contract and enjoys 30 days paid vacation, better healthcare and paid old age provision. Not a ba...
Trump fucked
Germany’s economy will be very V-Shaped. So we take a few hard months, but will be back up relatively soon.
Is America really that bad?
Yes, of course not the ghetto stuff. More like communities where people actually help each other. But yeah, this varies a lot, depending where in the US you are obviously.
Is America really that bad?
Reading skills where?
Is America really that bad?
Really, that is your point now? You have heard that Somebody won’t get a job, because the interviewer is retarded / racist? I have heard that your police kills black people for no reason. Since we a...
Is America really that bad?
USA is a good country if you are white, healthy and wealthy. It is a very bad country if you lose your job, get sick or you are born black. It is just annoying that most Americans actually think t...
Official numbers though
- Germany - Self employed -13 years in school, 3 university - varies obviously but ~12,000€ per month - 8 mostly, sometimes 10 - no work on the weekends - as much as I like, but that will affect my ...
390 billion € EU
Germany alone reduced its debt by 170 billion Euro in the past 6 years. 390 billion for all of EU is easy to handle.
I don’t get that mentality either. He probably made like 30million Euros in his career, just with his basic salaries. Add “Handgeld”, sponsorships and bonuses... There is no need to play in China.