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EG arguing
No clip, did not happen
clubbing and age!
Will be 34 years old tomorrow and: hell no! Married, daughter, self employed ... I am happy to have one evening for myself these days.
Getting a job
Flag checks out
Getting a job
Ich suche Sales Manager in Deutschland. PM please. We are looking for young talents straight from university that can sell me anything and are ready to work a lot and make way more money than elsewhe...
facts that ppl deny?
Healthcare is a human right.
fix your country
+ Invest heavily in IT infrastructure. + Make basically every public authority / agency accessible online. + Keep investing in education. + More Investments in Infrastructure and public transport. + w...
mosque bombing kills 62 people in afghanistan
RIP Europe
And the EU needs to take care of them, because? Oh and 35 - 40% of Turkeys export goes to EU. Turkey needs the EU way more than the EU needs Turkey.
capitalists explain?
using the example "industrial revolution" as an argument AGAINST regulations... 7 IQ move.
Trump just rekt France and Macron
I was just kidding. Anyway, this is stupid, because it is hard to compare and everybody with half a brain knows this. But decreasing the unemployment rate while Brexit negotiations is a good thing.
Trump just rekt France and Macron
Please explain this sign: %
Trump just rekt France and Macron
Merkel best leader then?
Trump just rekt France and Macron
When Merkel entered office: 11.7% Today: 3.1%
Trump just rekt France and Macron
Just to give you a better picture: When Macron entered office (May 2017): 9.5% unemployment rate Today: 8.5% When Trump entered office (January 2017): 4.7% unemployment rate Today: 3.7%
Going through rough times
More scam please. If you want to donate something, do it for the right NGOs!