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Faze clan Disband
as if karrigan would ever go back to faze, mouz so much better
Faze clan Disband
such a pussy minded mentality, bet you get a boner every time you report someone
Who is #1 rn?
cant forget about the insightful "0/8" comment thats sooo wildly popular on this braindead site
kenny aint top fragging in the slightest, like 6 positive ratings out of 16 maps
awww imagine assuming even more about me, ding ding not american retard boi, only studied abroad for a year and keep the flag as bait because you hltv retards cant see past flags LMFAO
my insults have nothing to do with my arguments as i have stated many times, yes because any team with negative ratings will be able to compete with the actual top lan teams consistently, oh wait no t...
you that inbred you cant see my comment literally right about this where i said i dont play mm? whew how much more autistic can you get LMFAOOOOOO
because its my thread? you came in here and started shit and im gonna finish it??
only "pro" (dunno if smooya even counts hes so shit) uk player is toxic as fuckkkk and the other one is too big of a pussy to play t1 cs because it too stressful, brits confirmed mega babies
so nobody on hltv can comment on pro cs since no one here has played in a team? 10000 iq logic from retard brit
flag checks out for you too, everyone knows the brits are as toxic as their teeth/breath
LMFAO bruh like i said before, i dont play mm i only play faceit/esea, mm is a joke for casual players so you and your boyfriend