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Neymar raped girl in Paris
free neymar
carti fans come
[playboi carti] ingobodirow dongifufbouno hemaifomamum dimahcamilayh dogosehmeah bigosehmeah iwitaleyuh heroliedecuh iggywiggy awoviggy omigah demnatity
Atheists come here and answer me
Its funny how people are so quick to believe a man walked on water and turned water to wine yet when you say something like " Unicorns are real " they tell you hell no even though Unicorns are more re...
T1 Fantasy League
Im down
iPhone SE
Other way around.
Make most skilled team thread [Corrected]
electronic, guardian, s1mple, stewie2k, ropz Stewie2k and s1mple is a fear factor because they both have the potential to just pop off in a round because of their aggressive style of play. Imagine th...
Best food in your country
burgers yee yee 🤠
Top 3 CS rosters of all time ??
rip 10 yrs how tf did u end up on this post
Liquid roster possibilities
lmao -EliGe is the stupidest thing ive seen so far
NaVi / NIP / FaZe
The only way to beat Astralis is -rain +cromen
Liquid wasted playoff spot
I'm saying that just because your team doesnt make it to the finals off a miracle you have to bash consistent teams that make it to the finals more than their team. I didnt see anyone crying when FaZ...
Liquid wasted playoff spot
Now when is the last time Liquid made it to a finals ?
Liquid wasted playoff spot
Whens the last time mouz made it to a finals without an NA player on their roster
Shooting in California
Banned as in no one under 18-21 can get access to one legally. Unlike other states. California has tough gun laws it took my Uncle, a retired vet, 5 years to get his gun license and a gun
Shooting in California
Imagine crying about gun laws in a state that banned guns. That's autistic.