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iPhone SE
Other way around.
Make most skilled team thread [Corrected]
electronic, guardian, s1mple, stewie2k, ropz Stewie2k and s1mple is a fear factor because they both have the potential to just pop off in a round because of their aggressive style of play. Imagine th...
Best food in your country
burgers yee yee 🤠
Top 3 CS rosters of all time ??
rip 10 yrs how tf did u end up on this post
Liquid roster possibilities
lmao -EliGe is the stupidest thing ive seen so far
NaVi / NIP / FaZe
The only way to beat Astralis is -rain +cromen
Liquid wasted playoff spot
I'm saying that just because your team doesnt make it to the finals off a miracle you have to bash consistent teams that make it to the finals more than their team. I didnt see anyone crying when FaZ...
Liquid wasted playoff spot
Now when is the last time Liquid made it to a finals ?
Liquid wasted playoff spot
Whens the last time mouz made it to a finals without an NA player on their roster
Shooting in California
Banned as in no one under 18-21 can get access to one legally. Unlike other states. California has tough gun laws it took my Uncle, a retired vet, 5 years to get his gun license and a gun
Shooting in California
Imagine crying about gun laws in a state that banned guns. That's autistic.
bet * oof...
Shooting in California
Another mass shooting planted by democrats to get idiots to vote them into office. It isn't hard to see that our government is literally an entire act. Its all about which party is willing to sacrific...
Shooting in California
if u dont wanna get killed just dont go to school
Never beat on a team that recently won a major.