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Im kinda guy and i wanna suck my friends dick
the team that can put astralis down
current meta thoe :p
why fake flag?
FaZe worst team ever?
wtf do u mean? xD they have won allot inn 2017 and a few inn 2018 u really need to be retarted xD
FaZe Fans Come Here
am still awake :(
not really they have a 66% win rate on it :/ and if their cashe is even worse than their morage wats the point ooff playing it? if tthey are worse of cahse then its better to play morage when they win...
Xizt 8/19
legend27 fina get cucked
Xizt 8/19
taco xD i fina be a pizza insed of a brazilian taco :)
How to train at cs go?
u need to play, play retake servers play execute servers play with players that are better than you, watch and learn of them. watch pro games see how they play, when u have a good game sense the game ...
sayibg that they tryhard is the most tournuments stupid thing ever, ITS THERE FUCKING JOB DUDE, if they dont win they LOSE there job, if they dony WIN they get LESS money, and evry one wants to earn g...
yeah but they might scim allot of cashe and still lose. u need to thuink outside the tournuments to. it can happend thatyy they try to prac it allot then scrim there mactches on cashe and still lose a...
Xizt 8/19
his a igl due xD, his job it not to get kills, his job is yto call so his players can get all the kills and he supports them.
he is holding the shit angels etc, he is supportibg is players so they can get the kills and not him. thats what most of the igls do, exept the igls with allot of fragging talent like nitro glave niko...
MiBR situation
yep xD