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Made 1600$ today
Well, you forgot to subtract the $100 you bet, so you made 1,500.
SS still tier 1
I think that's because so few other teams are good/like Overpass, so Astralis may still think they have an advantage in that case. Whereas a lot of teams are also decent-to-good on Inferno. But I stil...
Yes they are, send to the dirt by a lesser team from their region.
-device +JuGi
You should work on your bait, mate. Jugi has some great flashes, but devve's bottom-line consistency is so much more attractive to the team and his peaks are in the conversation of #1 AWPer in the wor...
SS still tier 1
I would agree with #1; it's Inferno or Train, and they've had overall great success on Inferno as of late. It used to be Overpass, but I don't think that's the case anymore. Too many losses on that ...
I'm very much looking forward to seeing that at DHM and Sydney; but their online form right now brings me much more hope than what we saw at the end of the last roster.
Can't help but smirk as an Astralis fan; not looking like that shady roster move is working out after all.
North worst team
It's sure beginning to look like MSL is the only constant between the different North rosters under-performing, i.e. he may well be the root of the problem.
karrigan is problem
The thought somewhat dawned on me the other day as well; we're beginning to see the same thing from FaZe as we did with karrigan's Astralis and TSM, so it may be that he's hit that "wall" again, just ...