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s1mple is the first player ever to reach 1000+ k/d ratio on big events
I think you meant to say K/D difference, not K/D ratio. Those are two quite different things.
VP breaking Astralis´s winstreak xd
This aged well.
16-0 in you language
16-0 ;D
FaZe top1!
+1 Looking at how chaotic and messy the CS was at this event Astralis would've likely taken the trophy.
esl one belo
Oh, right, I had forgotten they had to play with a stand-in for this event. Yeah that does change things a bit.
esl one belo
Although Mouz might have an edge in that TL (and FaZe) will be dealing with travel fatigue having only had three days traveling between UK and Brazil.
esl one belo
I think this is TL's chance to further solidify their contender status, and Mouz falling short once again as the placeholder team. But in reality I just hope FaZe won't win so they don't have 3 notche...
If SK Lose
You got your chance in the spotlight, and you made good use of it!
It's not exactly free, you literally bet money yourself so there are stakes on the line.
karrigan vs gla1ve
Dupreeh MVP
Respect Liquid
They definitely surprised me and made me worried plenty of times in the grand final. Respect fully earned; they put on a hell of a show through these finals.
Zonic cringe
What are you talking about? He might legitimately be one of the only true coaches in the scene. Half of the coaches are a joke and don't do anything near what's the responsibility of coaches in any ot...
Niko S1mple Debate
I'm not entirely sure what you're arguing here, but I'm going to assume it's whether s1mple or niko is the #1 of 2018. In which case, your arguments kinda contradict your point. >I know s1mple is the...
Danish are best at CS
The FACIT Major is still some ways off... and Astralis lost their legends spot last time, so there's room for upsets. Sure you can't deny that their chances are looking pretty good right now, but the ...