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literally in the top 20 since 2014
s1mple rn
krimz had more kills 1st map but k
og kekw
valde is actually insane bro
csgo dying
cause its asia and not that big of a tournament if you look at the lineup
richard lewis
+1 and dont forget phantomlord
s1mple undeserved top1 2018
yeah but thats because device plays in a strict system in astralis since around 2017 where he very much has to rely on his teammates, i dont think his individual skill dropped off at all, i actually t...
s1mple undeserved top1 2018
of course he doesnt have a skill ceiling as high as s1mple etc but he is so much more consistent, and how do you know that the team around him makes him shine? like i said he was in bad teams before a...
s1mple undeserved top1 2018
no because he is consistently at the top level since 2013 and he didnt have a good team in all that time, its the opposite with device, no matter the team, he will always be consistently great, its no...
s1mple undeserved top1 2018
+1 and he even has a better team this year than last
s1mple undeserved top1 2018
yeah but simple and device are very close this year individualy and i think that device´s achievments are goiing to tip him over the edge
s1mple undeserved top1 2018
we are not talking about who is better, we are talking about who gets the #1 spot in hltv and there wins matter
s1mple undeserved top1 2018
in 2018 s1mple>dev1ce because simple at least won something but in 2019 he just didnt win shit so dev1ce>s1mple
Swag > German CSGO scene
Top 3 AWP in your country
im half danish half german so Dev1ce, Tabsen and i dont know who the third would be Syrson maybe
EG #1
yeah thats sort of what i was saying in #48