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astralis won because they started playing better cloud 9 won because faze started playing worse thats the difference
How handsome is this guy?
looks like every guy in a shampoo commercial
Bye bye Xyp9x
don't think so, it isn't just about stats xypex changes the play style of the team completely, astralis can rely more on xypex. On that train game for example es3 had a player with him very often to p...
Respect MIBR.
i respect what they have achieved, but their current behavior deserves no respect
r8 my new friend
so cute uwu
Most overrated football players
and? my point id that its just as hard to win cl with bayern as it is with madrid so why would he switch
Most overrated football players
bayern won cl plenty of times, dont need madrid, they are declining anyway, its not ronaldo times anymore
Most overrated football players
i really dont understand your argument and why the hell would he want to become a madrid player
Most overrated football players
just dont think you can measure a players ability by counting his goals against 1 team xD
Most overrated football players
"well thats probably because they dont play that often" -#90
Most overrated football players
well thats probably because they dont play that often and btw i see why u had so specify "as bayern player"
Most underrated weapon
Most overrated football players
lewandowski best player in the league how is he overrated?
Xyp9x vs broky
well most people that get drained mentally dont want people to notice so you never know