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Poor Golden
How are you supposed to counter glaive and xyp3x man? They were shaken by the king of smoke skills aha.
Liquid 4 Man Core
hate?for real?what happened there. would you mind sharing?
Stewie toxic cunt
Twistzz and nitro don't seem like the guys to have personal issues with anyone. They try to accommodate people. It comes down to stewie and elige. Who among those two have an issue is the question. Ho...
Natus Vincere vs OpTic
I know right! If somehow guardian manages to return to his old form, there are going to be 3 deadly players at all times.On top of that , the on and off flames of flamie. It's going to be scary. Real...
So hyped for Navi
He has a reason to work hard now that he has a proper team. Faze and it's ever changing 5th player must have drained the heck out of motivation to everyone.
Navi ???
come on man.give him some time. He has a reliable team now.I really hope he gets back to his form again.
Chokequit ranking
he is implying you don't need 1min. Just accept your mistake and move on bud. mistakes happen aha
Natus Vincere vs North
3 bots? who's the third bot?
That's how it is with some people :( Always EU>NA or the other way around. I am really happy to see that Astralis is being bested despite being in form. Kinda wish there was a team like this to counte...
The same goes for some of the plays astralis does,man. This brehze play reminds me of the one from twistzz where he prefired xyp9x hiding in constuction(inferno). It might seem fishy. We can't prove t...
machine sucks
Yeah. For some reason machine comes off as forcefully overhyping shit. Same goes for henryg. I kinda wish sado was there to cast.Even though he says the silly stuff sometimes, it's well timed .
Why no Astralis players in showmatch?
Imagine blaming astralis for prioritizing the final.Come on man. I don't understand why tarik and ethan even accepted it, they have a long draining 5 map series to play.
Team Toxic vs Team Squeaky
No USA USA please. Reminds me of boston everytime. And i think it's better to chant EG EG instead aha
FaZe 10/10 FiX
Their relation is broken. Fans don't see that. I hardly see him joining up coldzera anytime soon.