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Lmfao. That shit is hilarious.
Karrigan rosters
I don't see faze winning the major.As much as i like them, they really don't have the firepower stacked team like in 2017. Yeah.Feel bad for guardian .He used to be really consistent till the last few...
Karrigan rosters
well, katowice could have redeemed them. Yeah.He did,doesn't mean faze couldn't have won it.That olof peek cost guardian in the round too.Such a big L for faze then. I feel you.I have the same belief ...
Karrigan rosters
It was katowice that fucked them mentally. They themselves say that. They somehow overcame boston choke but when it happened in katowice again, they had no answer. Then the whole olof leaving and join...
expensive? you plan to buy the gold laden one?
Cs go ping issue
It isn't just about download speed my guy.When it comes to gaming, upload speed matters a heck lot and the stability of it.For me ,using airtel 4g is good enough.But jio 4g is utter shit despite havin...
NAF lmao
Yup. Didn't expect anything less from mr mature.
Valorant any good?
What do you mean by instalock every game?
Cs go ping issue
Ah you're using broadband then. Try seeing if there's massive variation using net_graph 1. Which plan and connection you're using?
Cs go ping issue
Using jio as hotspot for Internet?
12 rounds could be good
I think they gotta mess around with the utility timers as well. But yeah, this is reasonable when bomb timer is like 35 second
LOTR tv show
It's never complete without some black guy playing a major role who looks as if he has no flaws. Always the wise bs. If there's some Asian guy playing the role, he'll probably die before the mid inter...
Do you enjoy watching a single player dominate?
If g2 had a competent awper, it wouldn't have been as dominant from s1mple. But yeah, i get you. It's boring, when there's not much counter from the other side.