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Ez money for the one who wins it xD
faze rumors
The only shortcoming is the support role. Who's going to sacrifice their stats to play the role?
FaZe Karrigan
He hasn't been a god since 2018 Katowice bruh. Flashes of brilliance here and there, he lost his consistency :( He used to be one of the clutch players in the game and the most consistent.
Niko's sensitivity
That low sensitivity gives him the power to push around people with all that space in the team, err i mean pad, mousepad.
CS:GO if AWP gets deleted
They'd probably be rushes all the time from T side if that were to happen. It'd be boring to watch it happen all map.
Niko's curse
And guardian as well. Unfortunately, those two dropped off :(
Niko's curse
Prime faze didn't play around NIKO. Only after karrigan stopped igling, did they start playing around him.
Looks like rain is gonna get a couple of kills here. Oh he goes down. He usually gets a couple.
engineers come here
Man, you're in the ' i just want to have sex,f the feelings' phase.You'll experience it with a finnish beauty, have patience man :p
Chess players come here please
That's some hurdle you have man. You should try analyzing your previous games on how you could have closed the game out efficiently. It'll give you ideas in the upcoming games. As for panicking, chill...
Girls like beard?
Personality matters too. Just don't make girls the center of your life, then it's all good.
i hate being poor
How did you come out of it man?
bruh, stop arguing with an incorrigible person.It won't change shit. Guardian was good in faze, up until the last few months of his faze tenure in 2019.And in Na'vi his performance was abysmal.Pressur...
1.His age is 29 2.His performance in Na'vi pretty much washed away any confidence people had in him. It's a gamble to take him now. Orgs would rather go for young talents than older guys. I really wis...