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relaxing songs
It’s not a song if there aren’t any lyrics being sung Sounds like you’d like “ambient music” genre
UK documentary - DONT DO THIS
bump, too many teens here who could do the same smh
UK documentary - DONT DO THIS
The pedos were from Bahrain btw. They made British 9yo-15yo boys their sex slaves all the way from there
R8 BR couple
R8 BR couple Triggered? Say goodbye to her Aryan genetics (and holy sh*t she is so fucking white)
Only certain westerns (barely) know what autism means
My eyes
Finnish language is autistic
Why do people throw around the word ‘autistic’ like that? It just shows you have no idea what it means
Danes come here #10
Hello I’m a Dame
How your country calls other countries?
Unless you already knew that of course, and just wanted to imply we’re Mexicans again. Har har
How your country calls other countries?
no that’s Mexicans. In Brazil gringo is just a slang for foreigner and has no racial connotations. And most of the time is not meant as an offensive term either
How your country calls other countries?
screw you For calling us ‘Mexico’. And creating a thread celebrating American arrogance LuL LooK aT mE I nO nOThing of the world. Chinese and Koreans are the same ahahahah I’m so funny!
R8 Brazilian couple
But your own country found out such relationships with even younger boys are good and healthy
R8 Brazilian couple
Found the NaziFascistNationalisHateCrimeMicroAgression bigot. Go back to the caves, when monogamy was still normal
R8 Brazilian couple
💓💓 love is love, GRINDR needs to reduce its age limit and let 16 year olds freely set up 1 night stands with middle aged men.
The left explains the London Bridge attack
The statistical fact is not true when it’s misquoted like she did. The 20% rate is after two years. you really come across as a bratty child and I am only patient with those when they’re funny, which ...