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Norway come
you guys have actually never won against us in football, imagine! Pele who? Neymar who? feelsbadman bro, 7-1.
leaf cheater
brazillian is dead serious bout it, but people with brains knows that he doesnt cheat
how is broky in FaZe???
lol. Broky the god at Clutching. Good at awping, u just cant see it cuz ur a ONLINE team fan. /closed
leaf cheat or not
you will prob never call anyone else out for cheating since u have got backlash from it, so yall will push the one "cheater" u have now. its just sad to see the false accusations.
leaf cheat or not
damn, didnt know every single pro is cheating (except mibr ofc since ur all crybabys). almost every pro has a past were it looked like they was cheating... ropz had the same shits said to him, did he ...
bro you stupid? so when he does well, he doesnt get any notice cuz its a FAZE win but when he is playing bad and faze loses its all on him? nice. dont even say "omg ur a rain fan ofc u gon say that"...
LUL nice1
Faze Clan
what about the roster want to have a private life and a professional life? they prob dont want to live with eachother 24/7, look how bad BIG are with the house. its not healthy long term
Favorite rap album
astroworld isnt even travis's best album stupidass
Most overrated teams rn
your statements makes 0 sense lmaooo
r8 steam profile
0/8 no knif, broke fuck
I guess your MM rank
Favorite player: rain (god) Favorite team: FaZe (have been since G2 Kinguin) Favorite weapon: P250 Favorite MMORPG: idk, minecraft or some dumb shit Favorite music genre: Trap/HipHop Favorite food: Ke...
Top 3 Riflers In Your Country
favourite team????
same as you, the old Kinguin lineup was fun to watch, also my 2nd favorite alltime is prob FaZe with -Carrygun -Rain -NiKo -Olof -Guardian. (im a Rain fanboy.)