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Gambit vs NIP
This is straightly age-restricted stuff.
Gambit vs NIP
Should be a quick 2-0. Not even on the same level.
Nemiga vs ex-Winstrike
Imagine El1an and Shiro on the same team.
mousesports vs SKADE
Dexter is the definition of "die on inc".
mousesports vs SKADE
What is dexter doing lmao?
Jesus christ that was some insane reflex.
You know what i like about this "just another" brazil team? They don't play like a Brazilian team. You look at biguzera, saffee , they don't show emotions even when winning or losing. Very calm, cool...
Astralis vs NIP
These bookies are treating cs go bettors like Yo-Yo kids with no brain. 1.08 odds before the game. 1.071 odds when Astralis only up by 1 point early Inferno. SAD!
Astralis vs NIP
Astralis 4:3 NIP , 1.071x odds on bet365, what are they smoking?
What pisses me off the most is these jokers are able to snatch $35000 from this T2 tournament.
GGPR vs Rise
How does bet365 treat a forfeited match if you placed a bet?
GameAgents vs Lilmix
Is someone having internet issue or what?
Spirit vs mousesports
Imagine betting on a 17 yo kid who only recently signed for his first pro team and losing all your money.
Gen.G vs 100 Thieves
Some of you bettors call EU CS "clown fiesta". Nah, it's just EU CS are very close matchups. This however is straight up clowns vs clowns that even the players don't know what to expect. And they call...
K23 vs Wisla Krakow
No Overpass, K23 best map, Mou's best map. No Mirage. GG ez for the Poles.