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>online matches >tier 1 pick one
talking about aim only i guess he is. but talking about be a player i say that coldz is more complete
-xand + Boltz
sk has bought kngv, felps and chelo. When their contracts inspired intz just offer a contract to them with no cost paying only the salary, i'm pro league who have the spot are the players and not the ...
-xand + Boltz
intz don't have the money that they need to buyout boltzz, they gonna have to keep playing w/ that squad. Is not a bad squad they only need some time
yeah, i think that if he is not cheating, he have a great potencial and play tournaments in a org like cloud9, could help him a lot. And back im TSM relyks and sick played very well in the side of Twi...
xand so bad
felps is the igl and kng are helping him
Intz igl
yeah, i'm the first stream in the house, i think was after the game vs mibr
intz are a solid team, they are just starting playing together now
Intz igl
yeah but horvy said that who's calling are felps and kngv, he are helping crating stats and analysing games
Worst roster move in csgo history
sk +stew
Shoowtime Gaaaaaaaaaay
shz and dzt who play w/ shoowtime on imperial, posted that tweet in shoowtime's account. he jus't got baited, shoowtime is not gay
Shoowtime Gaaaaaaaaaay
Shoowtime Gaaaaaaaaaay
he was trolled
skillest 5man lineup
niko s1mple cold felps olofmeister
dude they only are playing with drone cutler and semphis to maintain the spot on EPL soon will have some changes