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joining faze and mouz isnt something that comes by to any player. If he doesnt take this chance and take full advantage of it, nobody is going to wait for him and remove him if team doesnt succeed. Th...
his point was stewie is the bitchest bitch of all bitches in the bitch world
why isnt he quitting school lol, playing for tier1 team and going to school will also disrupt mouz prac schedule too right? probs make his teammates tired too if they have to prac late at night cus of...
[16+ ]GYM Transformation
3rd pic is defs with a boner LOL ANYWAYS noice.
Liquid is done
just gotta kick bot2k cus he doesnt wanna game at 10am
the problem is that stewie doesnt understand that all pro players experience same thing. If hes playing bad because hes tired, its his fault. Dont make excuses bot2k
Poor Stewie :(
when did 10am become early
Gen.G vs 100 Thieves
so ez without daps
fallen to faze
Actually would be pretty fkn good Smart move from fallen, using fer and taco getting kicked as an excuse to run away from two bots that still remain in mibr
mibr players
mastermind fallen just became best friends with trk and kngv and decided to kick fer and taco whats new, happened to cold too
GYM ???
m8 once u start going like 5-6days a week, u will be motivated af and look forward to gymming twice a week results into quiting gym after few weeks
FURIA vs Liquid
stewie just needa goto valorant
You and 4 pros
me my mum my dad my nan my sis LETS GOOOOOOOOOO