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AOC is so dumb.
"To obtain asylum through the affirmative asylum process you must be physically present in the United States. You may apply for asylum status regardless of how you arrived in the United States or your...
USA Education
Gotta love when trumpists don't have an argument.
USA Education
Apparently you don't understand why this chant is bad. Read my comment, do you really think that the people chanting did this because they thought she committed fraud?
USA Education it isn't even definitive, and even if it was, do you think this is why the people were chanting "send her back?" It was clear that Trump wa...
USA Education
I assume you are fake flagging and you actually said "he's just talking about ms13 though" and you think nothing wrong of the send her back chant. My reply doesn't need content against propaganda.
USA Education
+1 pretty good summary of US education
USA Education
That's some good ol propoganda
Great Replacement
bad bait
Kid died because of $2 beer
hope you aren't a real american but knowing how stupid most are its likely
Kid died because of $2 beer
bad bait
Kid died because of $2 beer
right wing brain detected
Most popular people from your country?
You too my man, and it is totally possible that either can be more popular.
Most popular people from your country?
Commenting on a thread from years ago my friend? And even though I despise Trump now I still stand by my point that he is probably more popular because of his controversies.
Bernie REKT trump
He is neither a socialist nor a communist. People claim that because they are uninformed. The idea of making a more even society does not go against the "American Dream", this just helps people have ...
It's too bad you get uncomfortable when faced with reality.