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TOP-10 Players in your country?
maybe subroza over daps but he hasnt been playing top level recently
TOP-10 Players in your country?
NAF Twistzz Tenz Wardell stanislaw Android Moose Steel Daps HLTV and cs related
FaZe IGL Options
better than fucking Nikola "NiKo" Kovac that was me just looking at hltv top 30. Any of these IGLs would be an upgrade and provide stability and longevity to faze, something they havent had since kar...
Where can I watch the 1v1 tournament??
no pls mens i want to watch))))
Where can I watch the 1v1 tournament??
wtf is that mens)))) porn site((((
Nothing checks out wtf????
"Brazilians are stupid"
lol literally first try i wasnt even thinking about the questions... i did it again (it gave me different questions in different order) and i got them all right so idk maybe HLTV forums (except brazi...
Actual Top 10 players
are you joking NAF and twistzz have literally the same rating (NAF has better stats overall) everyone overrates twistzz but he only shows up against lesser opponents and crumbles in matches where li...
"Brazilians are stupid"
I got 140 ez
LG/SK no era
lol no it wasnt it is like the liquid "era" they won a few events in a row in dominant fashion then olof had his injury and they never came back. and they started winning in december 2015 and fnatic...
LG/SK no era
right and that means the fnatic era didnt end until the mlg columbus major? no it ended as soon as pronax left the team. The Dennis lineup was a completely different team and played differently to th...
Youngest DreamTeam
trying to make it as young as possible
HS% rate players
LG/SK no era
- not the same roster - months of not doing shit - didn’t even last 5 months - changed roster again - won 3 events =2 year era ????