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FaZe and mouse fix ?
they need to find a good entry player and he used to be very good at it but he has been in a slump
FaZe and mouse fix ?
I see people trying to remove the support players and just add more stars so i thought this would be more balanced chrisj igl and play supportrole/2nd awp niko lurk guardian awp adren/styko support kj...
Give me your FaZe fixes
i would assume adren is on a short contract and not meant to be a perm replacement for this team
Give me your FaZe fixes
-Rain -Olof one of my favorite players but playing terrible +Valde +ChrisJ +Styko ez but impossible would be an insane lineup though
Give me your FaZe fixes
+1 also +Pronax +Overdrive +Hunden +forsaken EZ 4TH MAJOR FOR GODNAX
best at baiting
Give me your FaZe fixes
who needs a good igl and support players when u can hold 'W' and dry peek everything and win
Kennys racist
worst casters
faze plastic fans
agreed what a trash team with trash fans
Zoinks! You've taken a wrong turn. Let's split up, gang. If you're looking for an image, it's probably been deleted or may not have existed at all.
s1mple LEAVING
after zeus retires if jame can prove himself against top teams he could be good for igl and awp so s1mple can go back to rifle
*Diamond Pickem* Legends stage
Why no fnatic and mouz? There both decent lineups
Weakest csgo period
u could kinda say north with valde and kjaerbye but gade is ok so idk and possibly make the argument about HR with issaa and woxic
C9 fix
-zellsis +smooya then auti back to rifle