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SK Gaming opt out of CS:GO
The thread was created in 2014 who tf dug this up just to bait???
Easy 8/10 dont get all the hate Edit: maybe 7 some pics look kinda bad and a little cringe
Pasha the steroid monster
I feel like he's not quite as big as he used to be if, you compare 2k18 pics with like 15/16 pics. Idk maybe he's cycling off right now.
Is this enough calories ?
Yes anecdotal evidence is best evidence obviously. Not like genetics carry a high degree of individuality or anything.... Edit: didn't read name carry on. But my point still stands
Is this enough calories ?
Do you do any exercise? Lifting is anabolic in nature as it puts on muscle aka more weight gain. You will need to further increase your food intake to compensate for energy expenditure and for recover...
Is this enough calories ?
U completely miss my point. He obviously has a very fast metabolism given his age and weight I would think his maintenance is probably north of 2000 not 1600. Calculators can be off by hundreds of kc...
Is this enough calories ?
Guardian consented in between amazing flicks that are forever imprinted in my mind
Is this enough calories ?
Genetically we are different everyone's metabolisms will burn calories at a different rate. Equations will give a rough estimate at best. Trial and error is the only way to pin down your true maintena...
Is this enough calories ?
How the fck do u know that. Everyone is different and there is a degree of individuality a calculator won't give an accurate number
Is this enough calories ?
Probably, easiest way to do this is to weigh everyday(controlled conditions ie same time bla bla bla). If you are losing weight eat more if you gain then ur good. Trial and error.
Top 3 albums?
Honestly these aren't even close to top 3 in rap excwpt maybe illmatic really bad list lmao
Hey man valve is updating their game so who knows anything can happen
trouble in life give me advice
10/10 +1
trouble in life give me advice
Nt prokda
UK crowd