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IQ by country
lack of education and shit i guess causes that
nv to major?
im still mad he isn't awping anymore.
PashaBiceps is fine
I'm sure he is not a bad player, just that VP was walking dead for a l o n g time. If he doesn't pull the plug on his career now he could find a MDL team and maybe end up tier 2-3 again
I am from the future
>not grayhound 32-0'ing Astralis smh, dickstacy would pull out his cock on stage after winning.
Games you regret buying?
Escape from Tarkov, hands down awful game
New nordic envy?
I'm sure jkaem isn't gonna leave rng for awhile
Pros You’ve Played Against?
Alot of aussie pros on dm (there is like 2 servers for 128 tick DM so they all gather there) Played against dickstacy in faceit on train
Is PUBG worth it?
not anymore
hltv cs tournament
oh damn thats so true FAM VAC IS SO FUCKING GOOD thanks gabe :)
hltv cs tournament
someone will cheat 100%
worth buying a ps4?
nah not any games worth imo Ps3,ps2 was much better.
i was not following cs back when he was at his was in renegades but apparently he's ok? and he can speak Turkish (apparently but would't surprise me, it's not rare for a Australian to be bi-lingual) I...
I would say either yam or wasted spot considering the cut off is jan 1st
Australia/NZ- 50% are having fun while trying to win, decent to horrid comms. Aim varies ALOT 25% Abandon 5 rounds in 24% super toxic and smart-asses 1% dickstacy Asia (in au)? (we don't get q'ed wit...