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4 - mouz
But who played in thw finals 🤔
10 trophies 2018 - GOAT
That comment just debunked every Word you said tho
People here acting like they got Any relevant info they dont want Facebook to know. Yes, they know websites you visit, so fucking what. You are just a number in their system
Im danish, ask me everthing.
Average income for truckdrivers are 4411 dollars/month, before taxes.
Do you work?
i work in Tivoli (an amusement park, you might have heard of) i am 22. i am an amusement checker(dunno if that is what it's called), i am the one who checks wristbands, and control the ride, and if ev...
Do you work?
i work about 10-12 hours 3 or 4 days a week. Nice to have many freedays, and the job is also with payed breaks (the company pays for me taking breaks), which is so nice.
Colombia without cocaine
Astralis using something %100
yes i agree, i think cocaine.
astralis so lucky
Timing is a part of the game, what do you expect :D
Astralis era = Best era
You want to force professional teams to participate in tournaments? xDDD wtf
Problem is zeus won't get 31 kills again.
Navi ez 2-1
Ez Zeus 30 kills again amirite
Fnatic haters come here
ofc. not. But neither people on Liquid nor Astralis have so few braincells that they tell such thing in an interview. It's all about respect, and hopefully karma remembers his name
-device when???
Have you even watched recent optic games? Jugi misses so many flicks aswell as easy shots. no need to fix something that ain't broken.
Why EU so dirty?
I have never been to China, but i agree that some people don't give a shit about cleaning up after themselves. Such a shame