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USA Come Here!
I mean if you're gonna collect a statistic from users from individual states you shouldn't lump West Virginia and Virginia itself together. They're quite different to each other.
USA Come Here!
Virginia and West Virginia pretty big diff
Coders Come HERE
Well since you have an indentation error, it most likely indicates that your visual code structure is not correctly formatted.
Best gaming headset
The only gaming headset that is actually worth it is the Sennheiser PC37X. Anything else (Hyper X, Logitech, Razer, Steelseries, Turtle Beach etc) is absolutely garbage. The most important thing for C...
i Rate your PC
Actually no thats not true. Ram speeds have a lot less impact to third gen ryzen, compared to previous generations.
Ok I just wanted to test making a post since its my first one. Anyways, opinions on Kpop?
so i reached 3000 elo
I like the clips themselves, but preferably don't speed things up during your longer highlights.
Question about Caffeine and YOU
It's alot easier to function w/o caffeine if you sleep a lot.
Fat = Depression
This is just correlation lmao can't prove anything
HLTV In One Word
Most depressing things in your country?
ScreaM top 1
LOL +1
scream set to join g2
wtf mens yess
got a new mouse
Just remember that, in general, light and smaller mouses perform better than heavy and big mouses. However, in the end, it all comes down to personal preference.
got a new mouse
Have you watched rjn's reviews recently? They're still top-notch with the quality of the review. Even if he's biased towards finalmouse, it doesn't change the fact that his reviews are still good.