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gym anxiety
the face pull down machine is the best for working the pecs, best source of knowledge on how to exercise is athleanx on youtube ( trust I know all the best free sources for shit ) and dumb bell bench ...
you are fkn bad
you and dick stacy are both shit knts that's what
dickstacy had a smoke infront of him allowing him to move to cover, he moved to cover and then ADADA side to side coming in and out of cover and got pre fired through smoke, spamming ADADA / jiggle pe...
you are absolutely right dickstacy is the best at doing shit pointless peeks with bad aim that always get him killed lol. he jiggle peeked in dark / emo of inferno b site and got killed cos he was mov...
I ate at my date's father's restaurant
this made no fucking sense l 2 english holy fk
Hugo's voice
I chatted with vince recently in his stream , hes lost 20 kgs so far and is looking to get back into casting because his health Is improving and yes I fucking hate hugos voice too and have made a pos...
lol what... hes ugly af
Right Wing Come
lol as if you live in Israel, liar
left higher IQ than right
lol the old left which the smart people support is the modern day right, that is what you don't actually understand
3. closest enemy as in closest enemy to him on the map not closest to his crosshair 4. a hack programmed to make a ping sound whenever you have your crosshair on an enemy
lol.....aimlock makes no sense 1. hes just doing proper crosshair placement 2. its 1v5 saving 3. if he was hacking in this situation a aimkey through wall on second closest enemy and not closest enemy...
Are you guys all all right?
lol china doesnt even have elections mate and im sure you arent even chinese fagt
lol you baiting fagget give " thighing " a google ya little pleb there are tonnes of evil methodology in the hadiths and not in what they care to share with infidels, you did a shit job researching ma...