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u have 3 wishes
sure there is....give him a gun and 2 bullets....
u have 3 wishes
he is forsaken...
are csgo pros weak?
oi oi oi, that is so wrong!
i have made a thread just like this...only I used team instead of roster. Olofmeister - lurker/igl n0thing - support f0rest - entry fragger/playmaker CeRq - awp NiKo - entry fragger/igl I never ha...
Official HLTV IQ test
- 32 - I have no fav team, I have only fav players: olofmeister, f0rest and n0thing....thaht's it! - graphic designer/photo manipulation - rock/metal/rap.... too many fav bands/artists to choose one ...
Can't see trade offers
csgo skins in 2018! OMEGALUL
3 Biggest Online Teams
there is no biggest online team, mate. ALL csgo pro teams have the same number of players: 5! So there is none bigger than the other.
report from me as well. you are more toxic than toxicity itself. hope to never see you again /over and out
Vega Squadron vs NRG
aye, you're right!! good comeback, good game!
Why Vega Why
WHY?!?!?! Listen, mate, it's pretty simple: mentality change! As soon as CIS will understand that the most important thing in pro csgo is TEAM PLAY, NOT INDIVIDUAL SKILL... as soon they will start dom...
Vega Squadron vs NRG
2-0 you said? They have NO CHANCE! 2-0 for NRG probably.
Dream Team?
Yeah, you got it right...Astralis is a dream team right now. Still, I would love to see my favorite players play together...whatever their results might be.
hottest female csgo pros?
hottest female csgo pros?
My favorite is Emuhleet .... but I know a lot of you don't like her. Still, I fell in love the moment I saw her.
hottest female csgo pros?
You are sick!