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I miss VG
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He already did the work for me, huge surprise there. Thank you!
Hey, unrelated, but a steam friend messaged me, asking me to vote on "his team" on a site called hltvgamers.com/hltvcup.com He also offered keys if I did it, which made me suspicious. https://imgur....
best nickname
sounds so good
sens bind
bind 1 "slot1; sensitivity 1.9" bind 2 "slot2; sensitivity 2.2" remember to bind for other slots, for melee, bomb or nades if you so please :) I wouldnt recommend having different sensitivites, but I...
Linux distros
WHAT holy shit, I've gotta do that, thank you! edit: thanks for all the replies! Just reached my max posts per day lmao, I'll check in and answer everything when I can. Thank you!
Linux distros
Havent tried Kubuntu, will give it a try sometime, thanks! I've tried to install arch multiple times, using multiple guides, and I've never succeeded. The closest I've gotten was installing kde as an ...
Linux distros
I've tried all of them, and they're pretty amazing. Love the look of Manjaro especially, thanks! Haha, not fake flagging :D
Linux distros
:D Ill check it out, cheers! edit: havent been recently active, replies are a bit slow, sorry!
Linux distros
currently running pop on my laptop, its great
DPi & Sens
+ respec
Linux gaming is BETTER than Windows?
alright, sounds good. I'll check it out, cheers!
Linux gaming is BETTER than Windows?
Fair enough. Tech "vlogs" havent really become oversaturized for myself yet, so I can still find enjoyment in some videos (mostly ones not about mainstream products, like newly released phones. ) I d...
Linux gaming is BETTER than Windows?
what do people have against LTT? Seeing a lot of people passing on the vid just because of that, why so?
beeg agree
Also Dead Space and Far Cry 3. Thats all I have