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How proud are you of living in your country?
Won the lottery by being born in Germany. Nothing to do with pride. Proud what I did with the chances I got. 10/10
I founded end of the internet
You really think this is the end of the internet? You ain't seen shit :D
Find a structure for your day/week Work out Stop eating garbage Try to socialize Get a more fulfilling job If you try this and still feel down, you might really be depressed.
Houdini as a party/club track is quite alright. The rest is mostly trash. Still interested in the Crypt feature but the rest? Meh.
187 Straßenbande. You lose.
Lowel KEKW
He's drinking liquid garbage, though.
German rap.
The age of your Steam account
JOINED STEAM 2003-09-12
Have you done millitary service?
Went to the psychological and medical exam. Had a torn acl and pcl at the time and should have been examined again after a year. Never heard from the cunts ever again which is good. Didn't have to was...
Home office everyday. Was okay for about 3 days. Now it sucks because nobody else is here during the day. Bored as fuck. Can't go out to eat/cinema/anything. Not made for this isolation shit. Positiv...
I don't play much in general anymore. Still not tired of watching CS though. Even if you're not a troll. What's your reason for spamming on a site dedicated to CS? Almost nobody here gives a shit ab...
quarantine stupid
And every health system would break down if you just spread it like wildfire. Old people, people with pre-existing conditions would drop like flies. Great idea. What's bigger, your IQ or your shoe siz...