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Your C9 honest opinion
you clearly didnt watch the matches koosta played great
???????????? he was never banned
Blast Prediction
you're actually retarded if you are using ranking right now. they just got 4 new players obviously their ranking is going to be low dumbass they haven't played a game yet. gosh people like you are so ...
New c9 roster
-tenz? are you dumb hes 18 and prob top prodigy in na right now
Worst tier1 player
Rush easily
Nahhhhh Eliege Naf Auti Twistzz Brehze Is best na team by far would be so insane
if beating the 3 best teams to win the major is a fluke then i dont know what isnt a fluke
everyone said stewie was just a pug star now look at him hes a major winner
'C9 hasnt impressed me'
astralis is the best csgo team ever created and the best ct side team and train is ct sided so this isnt suprising c9 is stil 1-1 so im confused on whats funny
'C9 hasnt impressed me'
cloud 9 has played great all 2019 so far at ibp at eleague they started slow in qualifier but this game against mibr is how they normally played all 2019 mark my words they will be top 8
'C9 hasnt impressed me'
vici was a completely unpredictable Chinese team no one knew what to expect once teams got demos on them they started getting destroyed.
Porzingis to MAVS
are you retarted? first of all dirk and jerry are 100 percent in top 25 and ur forgetting the best white boy of all time larry legend
NA CS Rising
where was flusha and kio on top players of 2018?
NA CS Rising
well hes there carry
NA CS Rising
autimatic is not eu tho