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adwokacik vs Unique
Polt is fluking a bit, Zorte is a young talent smth, Both 10lvl and CIS pro league players.
DreamEaters vs Syman
65$ almost in ma pocket, what a nice shitty ct side, wp, de. special thanks to mr forester, AKA mr not knowing peek or not to peek (im about dat 18-18 3v2 sit, if hed just stay or peek ramzik in right...
NRG vs Vitality
Brute vs eXtatus
Eto k slovy bylo pro rodinu nichego takogo, A tak norm chel, istinnyi fan pomoinykh order, zabavlyaet Only inogda konfiga forgets to write a tak his boy alistair ne tashit
Brute vs eXtatus
Po 1oi half check, if c(t)ap(b)sen shows up, ez allin hot rodinu stav
ORDER vs Genuine
H O W M U C H O O W W M M U U C C H O W M U C H Ah shit nt
Portal vs Italy
Lol pokemon couldnt comeback and theyr playing 4v5 such a shit xd
AVANGAR vs mousesports
Ok, i am done, considering all the circumstances, avangarll just destroy mouz, i hope mouz fans wont be sad gl
mousesports vs Windigo
Hahahaha? The hack r u talking or can some1 explain me what the hell i understood xd?
mousesports vs Windigo
U think u can heart me bro? Ez ban btw
mousesports vs Windigo
Ence 16-10 Astralis L.o.l. U havent to answer btw by ur reply i see ur rage thats sad cuz i didnt want to hurt u in that kind Oh shit and u r an astralis fan :_(
mousesports vs Windigo
NiP 4-16 Giants L.o.l.
Maple vs Beyond
Again and again why u even think that some1 has to bet to rage in comments?
AVANGAR vs HellRaisers
Sosi pisos, heuta avstriyskaya
eUnited vs INTZ
Ya daun