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Dear white people of HLTV
So, saying that the majority of a population is the majority of the population and that most products in that society will be aimed towards the majority is racist is just a very silly statement. I'm n...
I don't understand the Overpass clip, but anyone saying that Mirage clip is evidence of cheating is stupid. I'm not going to go into it but watch the demo if you want an explanation to it. There are...
Dear white people of HLTV
When I'm referring to western countries, I'm only referring to western Europe and Northern America. That is where I believed you were talking about when you were stating your issues with white people....
Yes, one of the highest paying orgs and one of the biggest brands in esports.
Dear white people of HLTV
You didn't include how you would combat the issues, but whatever. 1. Unfortunately, if you are referring solely to western countries, then yes, white people are considered the standard of beauty. M...
I never thought we would see the day when Yassine 'definitely didn't cheat, Subroza' Taoufik, would get into a high tier team. yikes
Dear white people of HLTV
I agree, with you as an example of doing so, that all people aren't treated the same. In which ways are white people privileged, and how would you address it? My take wouldn't be to belittle people a...
Dear white people of HLTV
So from your admission, you believe white people are superior, and they are the only ones powerful enough to face repercussions for their actions? That sounds pretty dehumanising to me. Perhaps, If yo...
Dear white people of HLTV
It's scary that they would so openly dehumanise others. I hope they eventually gain respect for each other. Thanks for this. Hope you have a nice day/night.
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Ah, that's a shame. I look forward to seeing your threads when you get the chance to post them.
Dear white people of HLTV
What makes you say that? From personal experience, you will find racist people in all facets of life.
Dear white people of HLTV
I agree it's a pretty dumb idea if that's what you're saying.
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That's great! I hadn't seen anything from you, but maybe it was down to timezone differences. I'm glad to hear you're not banned. Hope you have a great day.
Dear white people of HLTV
It's a phrase used to convey the idea that people from minority races, usually referring to minority races in western countries, can't be racist.
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He's still here, he was commenting 10 days ago.