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Lack of posting because of Breast Cancer. Not a dead account.

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Check out nikilja, he makes chill beats on yt
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new cs law
Thoughts on transgenders ?
are you going off of media promoting people with ideologies that are positive towards these people, or from actually meeting those people? I've met 1 trans person who committed suicide because of bull...
Thoughts on transgenders ?
Pretty sure those people transitioning is the cure if you're looking at the suicide rate.
D0cC pgl
It's going to be just like his faceit headquarters trial, where he is fragging but isn't getting mad highlights or winning the crazy clutches he was known for.
What did he even do?
A HLTV reminder...
Happy you're doing well. I hope you stay active, it's nice to see you back!
I think people have always questioned their legitimacy due to Glave's smoke kills and Xyp9x's clutch ability. Hopefully this will bring light to the issue of smoke bugs even if it in no way related to...
AUG / SG533
It's more so the spray that makes me think of these guns as less skilled. From the matches that I've seen, when used the players look very basic and stationary. I never said skill less, I just find it...
Girls on HLTV
Are you Jovik? I don't usually see people talking about 8 year old kids genetalia.
AUG / SG533
I hope they never become a true part of the meta. When they're used they make play look so boring and unskilled. Hopefully the m4 and AK will stay on top for the time being.
Girls on HLTV
You're refering to the little island?
Girls on HLTV
Girls on HLTV
I knew it
I really respect that. Hope life is treating you well. Have a nice day :)
Wow. Why did you decide to leave, if it's okay to ask?