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Top all aim no brain pros
Oh, lmao. I don't know how I completely forgot Kenny. He's a great example, well if he could aim right now, he would be. I fail to see the irony. Maybe I'm brainless too.
Top all aim no brain pros
I've always thought s1mples decision making made him top tier. I guess it doesn't have to be an intelligence thing, but his timings, especially in 2018, where he used seemingly sporadic aggression to ...
What message to a girl I like?
You probably want to avoid coming off as a fuck boy. If so, you should avoid the body talk or weak romantic stuff like the eyes comment. (unless you're younger, the eyes thing would probably be fine w...
My English pronuntiation sucks
I found listening to podcasts, or really anything that allows you to hear the accent you want to emanate, helps significantly, especially if you repeat what you hear. If you're in a situation that doe...
if cs players were in highschool
Karrigan - Not the classic nerdy computer kid. One of the first people to get a girlfriend. An extremely determined and very social person. It doesn't matter whether it's playing cards or table tennis...
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Did you watch *The End of Evangelion? It's incredible.
Why u so obsessed with us politics?
The reason I said that is because you answered your question, the US is a global superpower (unless you are not saying that sarcastically). I would get your position if you pointed out the careless di...
Why u so obsessed with us politics?
Thanks, sounds good. Have a nice day :)
Why u so obsessed with us politics?
Like any bait thread, it's attention-seeking. That's all they want. Do you have any good music or anime recommendations?