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Weed & codeine
Painkillers + weed is so good. Don't do it too often.
Legalizing Weed
The law is only there to get the dumbest of the fucks caught over being stupid and retarded about smoking a magnificent herb of the Earth. If you do it right, you won't have any problems over enjoying...
Today my waifu proposed to me
Religious in 2019 LOL, what a fucking retard
finnish people
Every russian sounds the same and uses the same few words.
I'm virgin
Yeah but we're only talking sex here don't forget that
I'm virgin
Girls age faster than boys. Your time will come when all the pussy in the land will be open to your bulging raging hard-on. Just have patience.
You recognize the asshole-ness in them quite easily, and this is the only quality you manage to see. Hmmmmm.
I like this thread. Can't add anything but I like it.
Do you believe in god?
I believe in the divinity of eternity.
Helsinki REDS vs pro100
Put -1,5 Pro100 and felt pretty good about it since finnish CS classically sucks and finnish people classically fail.
How to prevent boners
Cut your dick off, leave the balls intact.
Best DJ right now
Like, other names that really hit home with strictly their sets, selection and execution: Jeff Mills, Norman Nodge, Ø [Phase], Voices from the Lake (Neel & Donato Dozzy), Mike Dehnert
Best DJ right now
Remember this is stricly DJ sets, not production, mastering or programming.
Best DJ right now
I can appreciate this, thanks man, have a good one, take care, bless <3
Best DJ right now
Nope. I hide Twitch chat, because 95% of the time it adds nothing to the experience.