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Dust2 or Ancient.
safe tennis bet
ofc it was Nadal on clay, but come on, top1 in the world Djokovic having 3.6x...
Those people would have prob ruined themselves anyway.
safe tennis bet
Hope you got the 3.6x+ on Djokovic beating Nadal just a few days back.
Def not, I only bet Ence ML big and Ence map1 all-in :DDDD So if Ence lose this 3rd map, I’m down a few, and if they win, I’ve nearly doubled my roll. LOL 16-0 should never happen tho :DDDDDD
Games to play
Enter the Gungeon. Dual-stick roguelite dungeon crawler with DooM-style gunfighting action, funny writing and references.
:) time to buy something nice for yourself!
today special day for lithuania
That's right, fuckwad. Does it come as a surprise to you that not all people apply logic to every step, decision and/or feeling they have in life? Does it surprise you that people constantly make unop...
Well this was actually the most ez money ever in the history of CS:GO betting.
today special day for lithuania
Yeah how many of your friends and family were taken away and/or killed, ever? Let's see you have your parents killed and survive the crushing grief by just thinking it all away.
Love advice
Well, if you confess to her while acting scared/insecure/unsure, it will signal to her that these feelings are overwhelming you and a future together might have issues. If you act too confident, she w...
OG vs Gambit
For every 1 sketchy situation you find, I can show 10 where if they cheated they would have played better and instead just died. Seems like most other teams do way less preparation than the top1 rn.
Yeah how many lives you saving lately? Bit depressed perhaps? You know you could choose to divert your attention to any number of comments, but you stopped here.
OG vs Gambit
I love how disciplined both teams are with their deliberate approach and deciding when to take risks. Great first map! PLEASE OG WIN ONE MAP