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religious ppl r better
You are that which the Universe manifests itself through. That’s even better than a mere god. It’s all you and inside you.
Pensions in Russia
>trusting your government LOL
irish pro stabbed to death
People have become better at lying than ever before in human history. To themselves and to their surroundings.
irish pro stabbed to death
The <redacted> was lying because he felt ashamed of his actual reasons.
$300 -> $1800 in 9 hours
Nice run m8! Have a break and celebrate with something expensive. For me it'd be some quality beef steak ^^
meat = luxury good
Yes, I am 10 years old. Could you please breastfeed me, I'm hungry and crying.
cheated on my gf
You are an animal and you will end up in jail for not being able to control your sick, beastly urges.
meat = luxury good
Replace meat with chocolate. :(
Girl wants to quit birth control
Girls do what they want, no matter how you act or what you say. Go with it or don’t. Unless you know exactly what to say to them at every point ever from now on and never contradict yourself ever aga...
Astralis vs MIBR
MIBR +1.5 is the real question.
Astralis vs mousesports
That last round was embarrassing for mouz. They KNOW device is CT spawn, why is chrisJ not there to trade? Did they not communicate? Jumping with bomb in hand...oh well, congrats Astralis. Great game ...
Astralis vs mousesports
Children do not and will not listen, unfortunately.
Astralis vs mousesports
mouz, if you can do this, I will forever never forget to proclaim your team as Number One in the world at Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team bomb defuse gameplay with mouse and keyboard.
Do you eat pork?
Used to, haven't eaten pork in around 4 years. It's just fucking disgusting now.
why do i have to laugh at retards
Society as a whole is so developed and wealthy, that we can keep all kinds of lifeforms around. If you ever have a kid, here's to them not being born with a deficiency affecting their whole life. Chee...