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6,3k hours in csgo
love to see it xd
Germany vs Canada
At least Mezii won't destroy a team single handedly.
V$M on LAN
You're almost as bad as the Brazilians talking about leaf. In your defence, V$M already has a vac ban, but that's about it. But even so, he's decided to pursue a pro career and he's played a lot of L...
VSM Insane 1 Tap
and THAT is why he's VAC banned ;) jokes aside what a fucking shot
6,3k hours in csgo
Just use faceit finder... And a possible VAC banned second account lmao
6,3k hours in csgo
Only 691 wins? :/
Even though it was a confusing move, there could've always been stuff outside of his performance that contributed to it.
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I'll go with the route of #12 saying you're a failure and leave you to it
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your retarded idea of flicks hinders you way more than it helps instead of being able to easily take another shot, you hinder yourself and make a second shot more difficult due to the readjustment if...
Should've removed the entire squad. aizy just hits a highlight clip with pistols once every 2/3 months cajunb should be retired gade wasted his career, looked half decent on singularity almost 4 year...
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You got a solid point, it's the kind of "I could've gone pro" kid who sits on his own smoking pot all day claiming welfare.
little edit just lying around on my desktop not gonna bother wasting time editing for plebs like you that's how you flick. you flick THEN shoot, not the other way round you retar...