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you started watching the scene 2 hours ago I guess. clueless monkey
he was doin many clutches vs vici, maybe u didnt see the game. and his face expressions?... sigh, you just do not have the mentality to understand.
hoho gets one kill? umm okay. carried on train, and keeps pullin clutches on inferno. take those shades of, you seem to see bad with them on.
Na'Vi new lineup?!
ahhhh allright! x)
Na'Vi new lineup?!
I learned german in school, and I something something something, russian is more important to learn, so I quit with the german language. how good is my german something? (I do not speak german, much, ...
you better than Zellsis?
I guess I need to agree. But yeah. he is rather young, and it is his first major. pressure is on him
soccer is the official name, but none with a soul calls it that, mehehehe. say soccer in brittain and they'll keeeek you holland ass back to the nether ^^
Xizt btw
well he won PLG grand slam with fnatic in 2018. hellcase cup with NiP 2017 and won IEM oakland with NiP 2016! ;)
Are brazilians white?
yeah if c9 keeps this up, FURIA is moving on with ease.... x)=
wtf cloud 9?
would be closer to go to poland and meet them at the airport there. gotta hurry tho
Pimp casting
same, peace
Aug destroying cs?
response needs actual content
when will nip get it?
well a boy can allways dream....
when will nip get it?
well obviously we have some decent players that covers all them roles, so dno what you talking about. but that means mixing NiP with fnatic, and I really do not see that happening. But f0rest golden ...
GTR looking like paniced all the time =/ he just looks confused...