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If FaZe won't buy ALEX or Lekr0
karrigan won't join FaZe again for sure...
Best country at Cs?
Sweden for sure. Legend and pioneer country. alltid vid foten av kanjonen!
leaf new locks
Just stop crying, shitty mad Brazilians. Learn to step up after losing games, that's all. If he had cheated, he would have been banned.
u should understand that Team Shitlid plays valorant now
FaZe roster change
lmao those ones comparing french baguette ALEX with Lekr0 hahahahah länge lever sverige!! Lekr0 >>>>> BaGueTTe
Leaf deffenders
What are you waiting from the shitty NA CS:GO scene?
sAw: daily post-win thread
well okay, you've gained my respect just for saying this xd I said that because every time I entered on a twitch channel while a portuguese team was playing people were just offending like kids
sAw: daily post-win thread
u just try to offend, that's all hahaha portuguese community is the worst shitty and toxic comm
sAw: daily post-win thread
lmao they think they have something or idk... the team is ok but idl wtf they think hhahaha
Movistar Riders vs Owned
Let's see. I believe in projects such as Riders' one.
Movistar Riders vs Owned
This match against five randoms will be so easy for Riders.
MAD Lions vs Movistar Riders
well, swedes know our CS history and we all cheer for our teams, even tier5 teams
MAD Lions vs Movistar Riders
It's funny to see only comments from spanish people, the only team we "know" in Europe is Movistar Riders and they always lose haha
Movistar Riders vs Giants
Swedish scene dead???? OMG hahahahahahha what we have to read from nonamers...
Movistar Riders vs Giants
stfu, now you talk about numbers lol just say thanks for being able to play on a foreign league cuz your scene is dead and you need to insult and show all but respect