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Movistar Riders vs Giants
Swedish scene dead???? OMG hahahahahahha what we have to read from nonamers...
Movistar Riders vs Giants
stfu, now you talk about numbers lol just say thanks for being able to play on a foreign league cuz your scene is dead and you need to insult and show all but respect
Movistar Riders vs Giants
+1, fox just sucks and mixwell rapes him. Lycka till on finals!
Movistar Riders vs Giants
Chill yourself and grow up, mad portuguese.
Movistar Riders vs Giants
Mad portuguese people betting on fox, nice try haha
Astralis vs Cloud9
What a fucking shit. Astralis gets always matched against Clown9 in the opener match of the tournaments. Atl east they won it hahaha
Movistar Riders vs SJ
ez for this random nonamer? finnish CS looks awesome nt
Movistar Riders vs Giants
idk about Riders either Giants, I'm Swedish, I just dont know why u talk like that when u are playing on a spanish league, deadbrain
Movistar Riders vs Giants
You got rekt in every single tournament you attended :( Stop crying and thinking Giants will rekt them again because of winning that tournament 😅
Tricked vs Giants
well give it up bror, the only thing I said is why u said that about teams such as Windigo, fox is not the old fox we all know (anyway he is legend)
Tricked vs Giants
the same, idk why u talk about swedish pple or immigrants, go to psychologist or something dude hopefully im bot bulgarian hahahahah du har blivit ett porträtt 😅
Tricked vs Giants
Swedish CS piss your shitty scene easy, idk wtf are u talking about I swear xDDDD btw i still dont know why u said that about windigo :)
Tricked vs Giants
wtf are u saying? lmao ur brain hahahahahah poizon alone rekt fox, the only "legend" in Giants, stfu and chill dumb
Movistar Riders vs Epsilon
3-0 in results? Riders knocked out Epsilon several times, lmao HLTV
LDLC vs Movistar Riders