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About Notre Dame...
It's no secret anymore that frenchies are one of the most retarded european nations ever, actually
USA, how to become first world!!!
I'd choose anytime a "6th world" european country than the so-called "1st world" USA, where you're literally afraid, for good reasons, that you might not manage to come back home in one piece
V for Victory
yes, but maybe in 2020 ;<
r8 Russian girl
did you really appelead to logic from a french gay? oopsie, I meant guy. I definitely meant that
What is your country known for?
Hitler. Don't forget ma' nibba Hitler.
we're in the same boat, captain ;< 30 here, as well
Am I cheating? =D
judging by their reactions and aim, I bet they were mm silvers trying out faceit for the first time nt
Hottest pro?
Boombl4. Hottest guy that ever touched CSGO!
Reverse racism
Once a nazi, always a nazi
Russians dont belong
talking about civilization and aggression of Russians, yet every reply of yours contains only insults towards anyone who partially or fully disagree with you lmfao
Russians dont belong
I'd rather play constantly with and against Russians, than a single match with Turks! These subspecies should be banned from playing on any EU servers
At some point, France will become Syria 2. They are pretty much the same already, considering the skin color and their hobbies in going fully "Allahu Akhbar!!!"
Things to do before you die
Because living in Panama, where having a toilet and a bathtub is a luxury, it's definetely everyone's dream, rofl
"In this 3rd world..." Because France is a 1st world country, isn't it? Lmao
hey i havent been around cs lately
Yes, CS died and Fortnite took over, meanwhile. Astralis still top 1 on this game