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Where's Sadokist?
hes living life. he streams iracing occasionally and has an irl racing youtube channel.
Where is Dosia/Sexy GOD ???
He had it but i heard he is in the process of selling it. It was a carwash and detailing business in moscow. its been posted on his VK and insta.
cr4zy are fucked
Actually agree. Their seed is scuffed. They get stuck playing G2, North, NRG, Vitality, Mous, FaZe, etc. They have one of the worst spots in terms of seeds + elo on that berlin sim page. They avoid pl...
People were saying that when non prime (free) came out and they made alts to play non prime smurfs that it lowered their trust factors on their mains. That going back to their main their friends got w...
kaze speaks pretty decent english. he streams in english and the rumor mill for a while was that he wants to play for an NA team.
The NiP Drama TLDR
back in the day, and somewhat still, coaches of american sports (mostly baseball) would tell players they werent allowed to have sex the night before a game because it would make them weaker from less...
CR4ZY stupid team
cr4zy has a lot of talent, its always good to see the scene have more teams rise up organically. the tier 1 player pool gets a bit larger with teams like cr4zy making it convincingly through the minor...
astralis ruined cs
i could be wrong, i remember the story going as elige was doing the whole him or me thing. but again, could be wrong.
astralis ruined cs
Politics kept Liquid from having simple on their roster. Luckily TL has been able to succeed down the line without him, but it was Elige's ego that kept simple from being able to stay on the team, and...
astralis ruined cs
He asked me if i had reading comprehension problems like a dick when he is writing incomprehensible sentences. Then he says 'imagine evaluate someones language skills by one comment" when thats exactl...
You cant ask someone if they have reading comprehension problems when you are writing caveman sentences you dunce.
Youre going to cry about punctuation when you cant even formulate a sentence? congrats, you are a fitpolak and a stupid polak all in one.
Oh my god i see whats wrong here, youre just retarded.
Reading comprehension problems? I have copy pasted exactly what you wrote, there is no improper quoting. And yes, it has because your second sentence is so mangled that it can be interpreted multiple ...