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Theres a certain star player effect in a lot of sports where if a star player plays well but the team doesnt get across the finishline people like to assume that the star player is being selfish, or i...
Olof respect GOAT
Olaf probably should be in the conversation because of the fact that he's the only player to make every major top 8. That's impressive.
Thorin vs. fallen twitter
Big +1. Regardless if he's right in some things he and RL conduct themselves like assclowns too often for people to want them on board. They put together perfectly fine material and then out of no wh...
+1 that Famas spray was tragic and silver. Feelsbadman. f0rest playing out his mind tho.
You cant put someone's sentence in quotes, and then add words to it. If your argument is that it seems too strong because it hasnt been adapted to thats fine, its a very hard argument to make seeing t...
English is a complex language, "is" implies something being current or persistent in existence or nature. Saying something 'is too strong' does not mean the same thing as saying something 'is too stro...
I never said "TODAY". Youre putting words in my mouth. Statistically it is too strong. period. Not today, not tomorrow. learn to read.
Statistically on a professional level its measurably too strong. CT sides all got huge win % boosts. Ill let the eventual nerf/price change/rebalance speak for itself.
NiP vs ViCi
Then based on the seeding rules they still won't play each other because there will still be lower seeded teams they haven't played yet in their pool than each other
NiP vs ViCi
Fnatic and nip can't play each other with the teams remaining. Unless they don't allow rematches, if fnatic wins they will replay vici in a bo3 at 2-2.
New CS:GO weapons
a substitute for the glock, ak, and awp. basically make it so that almost every gun has an option like the tec9/5-7/cz
Why tyloo is playing so well
because they havent played anything with their new line up, any time a line up changes and the players added havent done anything it drops the teams rating.
retarded ass math problem
im pretty sure the answer is 0. D angle is the smallest angle, but it has a corresponding side that isnt the smallest. therefor its not a triangle. Edit for clarity: Here is how you can see that thi...
He also plays off his shots in smoke as game sense lmao
TYLOO vs Vitality
I want both teams to advance, I think tyloo can upset but vitality is the clear favorite because of zywoo