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FaZe >> Astralis
HAHAHAHHAHA, I love this comment, its true btw
Chess... Your writing
I play chess my rating is 777, but I am likr 900 or 1000
Niko toxic
I dont understand why he is toxic with this comment?...
Top 5 Awper 2018
Great AWPing skill, but not a good team player, he takes a lot of fights and lose them, risks a lot
Top 5 Awper 2018
I am with you, actually Device is a good AWPer and has a lot of impact with it but, he is not near to be as good as GuardiaN as an AWPer skillswise.
dev1ce MVPs vs. s1mples MVPs.
True, Device has more mvps in tier 1 tournaments but it is because he has a Great team that has been getting to finals and has played more maps while S1mple is in NAVI and he carries the ALWAYS but th...
xzipynx or kyearbye
Xyp9x is a better team player, he is the best SUPPORT, most intelligent player and he is the best clutcher, so what more do you want, kjaerbye is a Great player but I dont think he is better that Xyp9...
Top5 worst players of 2018!
I hope, I like VP but they are in a HUGE SLUMP, and it sucks man
Top5 worst players of 2018!
Ok, but faze have won 3 tournaments while VP has only a top 2 I think in entire 2018
Top5 worst players of 2018!
lol, BROOO, you forgot Morelz, that guy sucks or sucked at least in his time at VP
Top5 worst players of 2018!
1.V 2.I 3.R 4.T 5.US. PRO
your nickname origin?
In xbox I got a nickname called SacredFire, I used this one but it sound very childish and my friend's nickname was TASH, so I changed the S for a T and removed fire and made it TacreD
All csgo eras
NaVi era??
Worst major winner?
True, they played well, but FaZe was the favorite and G2, c9 wasn’t a contender, but they played great
Worst major winner?