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i'm not happy today
Are you good there bud? dms are open here
Natus Vincere vs Astralis
yup, s1mple is def back
2-16 yeah i'm gonna go watch DIG
Evil Geniuses vs NiP
Man nip is looking so good for the first time in years
100T, Misftis, Gambit
Edward>Sanji lmao
Fps in CSGO #2
Yeah im a Graphic Designer at a company and its going great actually, i just have other priorities right now other than a pc, you know xd. Thanks for asking :D And yeah that GPU lasted like 6 years o...
Fps in CSGO #2
Dude thats the GPU i had until last week (it just died, no video, fans not spinning), and an i3 3220 and SOMEHOW i had around 200 fps in cs. Im planning on upgrading next year but i've been here in c...
Fps in CSGO #2
any time bro!
Fps in CSGO #2
And already having a setup like that and a 144hz monitor is a lot of money invested
Fps in CSGO #2
Look, those CPU's are very old, you can tell how old they are by the first number on the model i5 3470S -> third generation tech = Released around 2012 Look for the RYZEN ones, they are a very chea...
Fps in CSGO #2
Yeah, go for a better CPU, RYZEN has a few cheap ones that are waaay better than that Also, a cheap and better option for a GPU is the AMD RX 570 Good Luck!
SHROUD ???????
Buddy, if you wanna make a living entertaining people yes, you have to "sell out"
Unique vs AGO
fuck AGO dude, they fucked my boi pasha
SHROUD ???????
Its a selling strategy, he sells his brand (himself) so: what he is playing = good, what he is not playing = bad Besides its trending right now (CoD) Besides he's definitely getting paid to play it /...
I still have wet dreams with that last battle with Frieza/goku duo