I don’t fake flag,
Alleen maar liefde naar alle real flaggers <3
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Create a team $$
NiKo s1mple gla1ve olofmeister Xyp9x Ez majors
Pros You’ve Played Against?
Ofcourse, pros play DM servers all the time, that’s where they individually practice, you’ll rarely see a pro soloq on faceit/MM just because they have better things to do most of the time (when they ...
Pros You’ve Played Against?
Think it was on a tuesday/wednesday at around 10 A.M. CET @ EU Dust 2 23 server from
Pros You’ve Played Against?
Not sure if bait or stupid xd
Pros You’ve Played Against?
Only relevant pro’s I’ve played against are TwistZz and BnTeT, both were insane Also played against chopper, Snappi and allu chopper and allu were good but Snappi sucks lul Edit: all in DM ofcourse,...
happy xms roast
Didn’t expect so 8/8 One of the few good baits on hltv I’ve seen in the past months
why you still play cs go
Poland IQ strikes again Just because someone has accumulated 2000 hours into a game doesn’t confirm that said person doesn’t have a social life and hobbies I play CS, I have a social life, I have ho...
HLTV's longest post
This is gonna get deleted calling it now xd
Bogdan from Bogdan’s law, aka when you drop an AWP to your teammate who is low due to higher kill potential, most useful on CT side in a 5vX Steel used to bash on Bogdan every game in Rank S because ...
5to player of Faze Clan
Shox: the same description as krimz but a worse current performance ... 55%. lul
Obligatory FaZe Thread
At this point I don't think that KRIMZ would leave fnatic right now, they have built a promising team recently and are looking like serious contenders at tournaments again
Obligatory FaZe Thread
I think tarik would be down to play with these guys, but it wouldn't surprise me if he finds his way back to C9 or any other T1/2 NA team, the region and its players suit him way better than Europe
Top 10 2018
name checks out there are loads of players who performed better than coldzera in 2018, im not even surprised if he doesnt make it into the top 10-15 (which he doesnt deserve imo)
snax wont join vp
I think that the organization kinda feels like they need to sign a fully polish roster, that's what made them the legendary org we know to date
imagine FaZe trading karrigan for flusha