I don’t fake flag,
Alleen maar liefde naar alle real flaggers <3
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9 year old gets university degree :D
Pretty much the same =]
9 year old gets university degree :D
Only for the time being...... Don't forget people have free time too, even when you're studying at university =]
9 year old gets university degree :D
Most definitely yeah, and good for him because damn would I like it to be that way, currently too many distractions for the average 19 year olds nowadays
9 year old gets university degree :D
The thing is, not only do you need to be incredibly intelligent like this guy, but your mentality also needs to be exceptional, otherwise you'll just end up like that lazy guy who only has to study a ...
ryzen 1600?
It's good, but might as well go for a 2600/3600 right now unless you are on a really tight budget
I rate your steam profile. g0
Who struggle quitting the jerk
Nothing wrong with masturbation, but porn on the other hand, damn it sucks for ones mental health Might not be a problem for everyone, but once you start creating fetishes and feel like you NEED porn...
I guess how many partners you had
Faceit level 7
Can you link your faceit? I'd love to analyze a demo of yours and see where you can improve, especially since it's about gamesense
Next major!
Can you imagine next major: its hosted in sweden, fnatic and NiP in the final with a stacked stadium? So hyped and passionate
Advanced crouch peek mechanics
Not recoil but rather inacurracy, big difference between the two =]
Rate edit [ignore video quality]
True, as long as he keeps editing I guess he will
Rate edit [ignore video quality]
Slightly longer cinematics are relatively OK with OCEs imo if this guy can actually make them useful and nice to watch, which they weren't though Edit: I agree 40 secs is too long for a 10 sec clip, ...
Rate edit [ignore video quality]
Cinematics need a lot of work, no flow at all with the music, clip has a decent flow but visuals aren't close to a professional fragmovie-level What did you use to record clips/cinematics and edit?
Most overrated player?
'Literally s1mple > dev2ce' I know belgians aren't the brightest minds in the world but it isn't hard to read m8