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Abbey > cobble
nt don haci
d0c team
the only possible igl there is tenzki... and the times i see tenzki igl he was shit... but if u take that point ez tier 2/3
my bad then, hope the best from him in 2019
well thats kinda the price he will pay if he wanna play in faze, he should already go in there with the fact that he will be criticized, or will just fail
could be an actual good choice, and he already have lan experience
i think guardian did said when he entered faze that he was just trying to win a major and then he will reform but idk
idk if valde will leave to an international team, and entry is not the style that i like to see a player like valde play, i would wanna see is some good young talent from fpl on that team, that would ...
there are not alot entry fraggers at the moment out there
isnt guardian stepping out of the game this year or some shit like that?
try to have many lower objectives, and then a final big goal, doing that lower objetives could motivate, try to talk to your friends about your goals, maybe could help motivate you, and try to do some...
new update
i dont think so, i think on f2p you needed to confirm that you were going to prime, now you dont need to
new update
i think that before you needed to confirm on f2p
Teams you dislike
nah they kicked him because they want the brazilian team back.... and bring back zews... we all know that the plan of going international never was a good plan, but was good for them to understand tha...
Zeus/Karrigan trash
s1mple doesnt respect zeus... man for real dont you see when s1mple want to make a call or something zeus shut him up, dont know if it still like that, but that happened one time
Rick and Morty
the show is pretty good but a little bit overhyped i think