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Guys is it true?
they wont remember the night so its fine
Guys is it true?
nah to that girls you just need money, nothing more, pay them drinks till they accept
Cromen new team
the problem wasnt cromen and fox, was rubino igl, and now they have a igl... i mean, I dont know why the fuck isnt innocent calling instead of HS but yeah, they have a better igl now.
10/10 anime
charlotte Best anime i ever seen
Brazil come
i dont see tv, and thats probably lie, but probably most of the girls that will fuck with someone random will be bitches, and they mostly will have AIDS
Modric Ballon d’or/FIFA best
exactly that, i stop seeing football for that, i really like more the midfield working they way to the goal than the goal itself, and seeing that people dont consider the attack itself, only the goal.
Brazil come
hmm not true tho, many portuguese are white but whats wrong with the non white people?? at least you can see them easier in the snow
Brazil come
but who tell you im not white like snow and have blonde hair with blue eyes?
Modric Ballon d’or/FIFA best
the think about Ballon d'or its that its all based on goals, not on global statistics... thats why its always they, and thats why idc about football anymore, people dont know who is playing good and b...
Brazil come
go to yours beachs, summer in december not for me. fuck your hottest girls, probably all with AIDS. go to favela smoke marijuana and smell cocaine and get killed. yeah better.
Brazil come
i rather go to finland than to brasil, safest and a better place to live. at least i can go out of my house
France Croatia
croatia will score in the 87 min, goalkeeper scores
mibr - no joke
actual line up with felps and steel
mibr - no joke
imo thats the best br team that mibr can have, but thats only my opinion
mibr - no joke
they need an agressive player like stewie but brazillian, thats why im saying felps, only because of that, and steel cause they need a good igl not coldzera calling...