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carbs suck?
All carbs are healthy, simple carbs are the ones you want the most of but complex carbs are good as well, just eat complex carbs in moderation
carbs suck?
nope, simple carbs are what we burn daily, simple carbs are important, complex carbs are what make you feel bloated as they are usually stored for later use as they cannot be burned off as easily, co...
carbs suck?
people are dumb bro, just let them be
carbs suck?
carbohydrates are in every damn food, its the best energy source for our human bodies, not only does it give us lots of energy its a cleaner source of power for us, your just cutting down on unhealthy...
i calculate your IQ
14 Optic India
communism, honest
honestly we should try it for a month, its an epidemic and it needs to be stopped rn
Twistzz hair
some sick hair, I would make love to twistzzz hair but thats homo and I cant go against the will of the lord
c9 disband
eat my ass please OwO 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩
c9 disband
also who the fuck decided to bring in eu players? p.s. good luck to styko
c9 disband
hurts to see one of the greatest NA rosters get torn and turned into this hot steamy pile of fucking garbage that it is today, Fuck c9 (the org), fuck stewie, fuck tarik, and fuck skadoodle. Hope they...
I want liquid to win, even tho Im not a fan of them I want to see 2 american wins this year, well the first was a one off but atleast cloud 9 won or else faze fans would be even more fucking annoying...
MIBR - C9 Clownfiesta
:( swedes to good
damn, this sucks, I just shitted all over a guy from greece in a comment section, my condolences
U.S. Air Force sponsors Eleague
stfu greece fag eat a fucking cock shit2 are teir 500 and your broke as shit
MIBR - C9 Clownfiesta
and? shows that we only need a country to win a major while you need an entire region. also ours was a better one off since we had to beat better teams