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Astralis so bad HAHAHAHAHAHA
lol this is awkward, he really doesnt even what racism means. Dont skip school boys
French "superteam"
the best the french scene is able to produce by itself given how broken relations are (important info to add i feel), i'll give u that. Vitality could be made waay stronger. Alex and rpk (in current f...
Astralis fans and silvers
this guy's comment is screaming "im a silver" lol
F2p cs killed community servers
the non casuals
Daily S1mple fans reality check
sure astralis #1 is a reality, no doubt, titles speak for themselves. Now thats not what HLTV rewards, its about player #1 brother
Daily S1mple fans reality check
Astralis has the best teamplay in the world, not tte best player. Late december reality will hit u hard mate
Daily S1mple fans reality check
A dane of course lol. I d love to see your face when dev1ce gets #2 HLTV 2018. Man thats gotta feel so bad
Dude whats that loser mentality? What u re saying is so short sighted. Do u actually dont get that not getting directly invited to a major is a price any ambitous team should be willing to pay in ord...
road 2 fpl
any buyers? no? anyone? weakest bait i ve seen in a while
why D0cC isnt a cheater.
hint: uk is europe too
snax - worst transfer in csgo history
ok now name 3 good polish players
Germany come here
Classic German right there
dick size
You re not familiar with math are you? Its basic statistics, if u take a large enough sample size, the sample's outcome (whatever the study measures) is representative of the global population and (us...
i guess your IQ
american education at its best lmao
R8 your country's WC peformance so far
hmm :///