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STYKO refused HR
Stupid he wont get a better offer, lineup could be promising with the addition of Oskar and Hobbit getting comfortable.
Sanji holy shit
Hes actually sick lol
Sanji holy shit
Who is this guy? Where has he been hiding?
FaZe is officialy done
Puggy style aim duel counter strike is dead and every team that plays that style will die. I think if FaZe wants to become a top team again they need to adopt a tactical game and have a tactical IGL. ...
17.5k USD if nip delivers
Lol good luck man
17.5k USD if nip delivers
Yeah HR is shit team rn, not in the same league as nip or any other team still in the major. Still NIP will not get more than 15 rounds on two maps tomorrow
17.5k USD if nip delivers
Im sure the betting companies are happy to take your free money, NIP will not get more than 15 rounds on two maps
ANGE1 should retire
Yeah whole team is fucked in terms of structure and leadership, they need either a great coach or -ANGE1
Best teen pornstars?
Most people on HLTV are under 18?
Zellsis has never been good except for one MDL event, he never even had good results in FPL. Literally any other FPL free agent is better.
Reason for double 16-1
16-1 Cloud 9 on cache
CS Broken going into the Major
Just make it $3600-3800 problem solved
I don't think its OP I think its too cheap, AUG is obviously better than M4 but not enough to nerf.
Make AUG $3600 problem solved
wtf cloud 9?
I think this C9 roster had potential, and I think Golden will be the difference maker when he comes back. Zellsis was no doubt a horrible decision I knew this the day they picked him up, there are pro...