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Why the CS scene is low in some countries like these?
meatballs on spaghetti is everything
Lithuania & Latvia
nukkye was learning russian to play in HR after that failed he left and want to play for English speaking team as he is not comfortable in russian coms. I dont speak russian and my friend who knows l...
-olof +nukkye
He left HR for reason that he doesn't speak Russian. So you have a point mens.
Grandparents in War?
My Grandfather was still very young during war he told me bunch of stuff that happened to him during these times. he was looking after cows for soviet army after Lithuania was captured and he used to ...
Eastern european men
This is not showing who is more suicidal, but male/female suicide ratio.
Yesterday: US had most deaths from corona It's sad but the death wave is coming in US
Well you need to take more things into account like age of sick (US has younger population) Hospital beds (as we know death rate increase when you can't treat people in critical condition): https://e...
Estonia is dominant power in East Baltic
sad days #NotMyWealthy_Communist
10K in Italy :(
Probably because flue is less contagious, has death rate of less then 0.2 compered to 5%. So if not contained corona with same amount of cases can kill 25 times more. also severe cases of flu don't re...
saving Turkish airlines is a good reason to say everything is ok
1995-2015 are zoomers so most of hltv
Corona closing schools
Lithuania no school 2-5 weeks also no indoor gatherings and more than 100 people gatherings. 3 cases first in eu to declare national emergency politicians taking it seriously, people not so much.
Funny thing is they asked NATO to help against Russia even tho they were aggressors and now they are shooting tear gas over Greece border witch is like an attack on NATO member.