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riflers: zehN, nexa IGLs: aleksib, poizon
[Workout] Protein is a scam?
your diet is dine, but working out 4x a week for maybe and hour a day would be better for you. if you wanna improve diet you shoul start taking creatine, zinc, vitamin-d, omega3 and multivitamin. also...
[Workout] Protein is a scam?
what do you eat? how would a normal days meals be for you?
[12+] losing virginity
it hurts if shes not wet. buy lube, and if you are using rubber buy lube always. and if you have big d it will hurt if you go deep, and it will hurt the girl even more ramming into her cervix.
why does LDLC force everyround? they are underdog and need guns or they will lose the round 98%
I have 0 faith for ENCE to win, but lets see what they can do.
girl hairy legs
she craves attention because her father did not give her any
Made in Brazil: FALLEN coldzera TACO fer EliGE Luminosity Gaming: HEN1 Lucas1 felps steel boltz INTZ: kNg yuurih kscerato xand bit1 I think Elige would replace boltz old role, INTZ was just players...
fixing teams for free (only today)
5 zehN's would win major ezpz, twixie will be nest s1mple, hes only 16.
fixing teams for free (only today)
HAVU (pro-tip: you can't)
turkish dream team
Won't work, woxic and tarik are Kurds!
s1mple to FaZe after the major maybe
This. Maybe face will be s1mple NiKo ottoNd Olof zehN ?
Improve Aim
????????? "Plus it's not realistical to aim like that since everyone is on different leveled grounds in an actual game where you can't move from target to target in a straight line." So f(x)=2*x is no...
Improve Aim
Looks like you could use your tutorial even more xD You should move from target to target in a straight line with your crosshair.
I guess your age
17 yes :)