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bo5 = shit?
Faze beat Astralis at Sydney 3-0 and beat them in at IEM Chicago 2-0.
which team will tople AST next year
I'm gonna say Liquid might be able to, especially if they can start tossing the awp over at NAF to mix things up more. MiBR has beaten them once in a BO3 and come close 2 or 3 times, so they show pot...
NRG vs Liquid
Why does Liquid never pick Cache first? Both NRG and BIG have a terrible win rate on Cache compared to their win rates on Inferno. Yet Liquid picked Inferno which they have had very close games with b...
KennyS overrated?
I think KennyS is gonna be like the french Get Right, he had his place at the very top and will have moments were he has a blast from the past performance but will never fully be the god he was. I don...
I guess your age
Nah 22 I'm terribly inconsistent hence the rank. If I played just CSGO and not other games I'd probably be like MGE maybe dmg or le but I play around my MGE friends when I'm playing at my peak.
I guess your age
CS:GO Rank GN2 Hours : 1900 (1500 on shitty hp laptop getting 40fps) Country USA Do I have a girlfriend? Nope. Number had? 3 Favorite team and player Liquid and Twistzz.
BIG will beat Liquid
I'm calling 2-1 either way depends on the veto. Feeling Liquid ban train Big ban mirage Liquid pick Cache Big pick Overpass Liquid ban D2 Big ban Nuke/Inferno Inferno/Nuke was left over.
1. Astralis 2-5. could be any order really but Liquid Navi Fnatic Faze Mibr or NiP as a surprise.
What's your best first half score?
I went 23-12 which isn't as impressive but it was in a 10 man with friends and I'm GN2 and they were all mg1-le so it was impressive for my rank.
Music needed
Isometric - Jake Bowen. Entire album is chill
Your worst map?
Train I just always feel lost and can never find a spot that works for me CT side. Mirage I struggle to push apps on t side. I feel more confident playing Austria then I do Train
Liquid Roster - taco?
cloud9 fix
Still think C9 should've grabbed lekro with golden. The dudes have played together for a while and worked well together and lekro would bring some firepower that C9 has been missing. I don't know the ...
Liquid sadly lost already.
Some day Liquid will win against Astralis in a bo3/5 and when they do I'm sure it will be a amazing series but today is not that day.
Faze Astralis
Kng vs FNS