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No more events in denmark
Dude I was at the event as well there have been so many times crowd gave away and I was sitting at the top
No more events in denmark
Can't agree on that NA crowd were giving positions during ESL one NY!
Danish Crowd
stewie haters
LUL bot2k waste of discussing about thaat guy toxic as fuck
Indian school teacher
Great, People in this website already make so much fun of you guys on daily basis and you provided with more. lol... what a way to make fun of yourself!
Shit of Janeiro Major
Ya agree bad decision by Valve ESL one NY deserves more than anyone else. Gonna be a flop major for sure
I guess your AGE v2 (99% right)
hours in cs:go: 3000 favourite cs:go player: Xyp9x , Get_right, G1ave, Dupreeh your cs:go rank/face it lvl: S3/ lvl 1 your favourite movie: 2 Fast 2 Furious
s0mple 0 major
Major host should be in neutral countries
come to Maldives
Majors getting boring
Miss those days when people used to over a million for finals now it's like 300K we are not overwatch damn it
Your map looks like dog! and their country is way better than your terrorist country
Ik there are lot of people making fun of India and it's all due to these kind of posts, if you stop making these kind of posts why would people even try to talk shit against India. Your self trolling ...
Alkesib was the problem okay!
NA Crowd
Ya that's right everyone went for the signing including me, I don't no why would they keep signings during that time, but crowd was awesome dead during EG game but it had it reasons though!
Liquid won real major