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life as a NiP fan
NiP wins tournament after -GeT_RiGhT
haven't won yet, but we look so much better! sad but at that point GTR was stealing paychecks (as a NiP fan I can admit that)
Faze fans come
crowd will support NiP most likely. hope its a great grand final, but ive been waiting so long for NiP to win an event again
StarSeries i-L S8
top 4: EG, fnatic, Navi, NiP others that should have a better chance but look poor recently: Vitality, mousesports, RNG/MIBR
dont care not a leftist faggot lmao
fat legs, plastic cheeks, too big lips and dressing like an absolute whore 2.3/10
Plopski Jersey
NiP said they didnt want a 17 year old promoting gambling. (His jersey has never had the betway logo)
Swedish Scene Post Major
Another possibility is Aleksib for Sweden. This depends on if he knows Swedish (some finnish do). If neither fnatic or NiP can get a good IGL, I see no point in not going international.
Swedish Scene Post Major
fnatic was dumb for ever kicking GOLDEN and picking up Xizt instead. TERRIBLE decision, and they did it after winning two events. like what? lmao
Swedish Scene Post Major
BlameF was IGL for heroic. I disagree, I personally feel like Sweden doesn't produce Tier1-capable "young talent". REZ is probably the best, yet he is growing older and isnt really a super "young tale...
Swedish Scene Post Major
The real problem is the lack of an IGL, and don't say hampus--hes a fucking joke and doesn't want to IGL. IMO, the best Swedish team in a LONG time was the NiP we saw at Sydney, but then NiP decided ...
Swedish Scene Post Major
no solid IGL besides GOLDEN, but GOLDEN is hard to incorporate in any team. all of fnatic's players washed, REZ inconsistent, GTR is good but has run dry in NiP at least, f0rest is 50/50 (need to see ...
Nip fix
Lekr0 f0rest REZ nawwk GOLDEN GeT_RiGhT coach perfect scenario
you have to take into account that NiP had been practicing with GOLDEN, and by the look of the playstyle of the team, it looked like GTR was IGLing during relegation (yes i know lekr0 was igl at colog...
lmao like what is this idiot saying. pretty good at majors, they've been in 1 playoffs and they got eliminated in quarters