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I just realized
it's not a wolf either, it's a fox :/
Sexiest pro profile pictures
why am i not surprise that this one and the one from the op are american ?
6 years and still stupid gameplay
i agree with you on this point finaly you give an argument that justified your topic, yes it need to delete that randomness, btw yes playstyle have change in 6 year, you can clearly sees it, and shox ...
6 years and still stupid gameplay
i really don't want an next class AAA cs game, i love realistic game don't get me wrong, i played a lot of insurgency, rising storm ect, but none of them come close to what the gameplay of cs give me,...
6 years and still stupid gameplay
i read everything until now, ok we understand that, you want change, we all want some change in csgo, of course only the developer fully understand the game, but he make it a way you can understand it...
G2 harsh truth
you do know that this move isn't from shox right ? everyone blaming him for every thing, but actually only 2-3 move come from him, everything else come from ocelot
Pokemon detective Pikachu
didn't neet to look at your post, it's everywhere on internet since 3 day, btw looks awfull, like the death note and db movie they made
Nice flick Zywoo
this exact action as already been classified, an other person record this exact action and there no lock, demo bug and everyone try'd to make view out of the buggy one
Astralis vs G2 maps !!
but still manage to do 14-15 vs them on D2
how to see you don't even know what you're talking about :/ smithzz was never an awper, he took that roles cause they needed one, that all, smithzz will be riffler here like he always has been, next t...
Your dream car ?
nissan Skyline Gt-32 or Mazda rx7 (fc/fd)
Fer new GF
fnx approv
nice flickshot