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First job?
My first job was working on a Textile Shop,like selling basic materials for dress,shrit,suit or else. I got paid for 2.000.000 Rupiah about 180$ a month or 5.5$ a day. Working 12 hours a day and my of...
Your Nostalgia Songs?
ABBA - Dancing Queen Roy Orbison - Oh,Pretty Woman Earth,Wind&Fire - September Bee Gees - How Deep Is Your Love K-Ci&JoJo - All My Life Frank Sinatra - Something Stupid Frank Sinatra - Strangers in Th...
Your Nostalgia Songs?
Perry Como - For the Good Times Perry Como - And I Love You So Andy Williams - Love Story Andy Willians - Moon River The Carpenters - Top of The World Bryan Adams - Heaven Matt Monro - My Way Righteou...
i just broke up with my gf
"now he left me what can i do so i can make my life better" u gai men nice me too be my soulmate come
New VP
They said they will recreate the team around snatchie. Snax Byali Snatchie Toao Michu
Did taco make liquid better?
No but TACO is fine. Zews did great. Still nitr0 choking alot on the finals.
Liquid stupid?
If zews strats and taco can put liquid on the top untill now. Why they cant put mibr also the same in the roster? Liquid cant finish the final all the time because their igl also awper and firepower n...
Stop reading at "both are fucking bad" . Ye ofc flusher is bad 3 majors . Positioning god. Spray god. Lurk god. Smoke god. Any pistols god . Clutch like always .Senor vacerino is bad ofc m8
csgo f2p
Non prime will play with non prime. Prime acc will play with prime as well. Cheaters in Prime servers will be banned just like always. And non prime servers cheaters will be banned too by Valve .
Do you eat pork?
s1mple playstyle
No wonder NA brain
Trump brain
Everybody talking shit and giving opinions about war countries allies and etc to others. But yet still using hltv and playing csgo XD Forsaken is no1 tho
steel vs. kennyS
This steel is the one who braindead by the way he did the cast on the couch. He is a married man and still dont know how to respect someone and insult someone in a proper way. Well. Idk what else more...