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vedä vittu päähäs molopää, saatana steissil nähää
he's bad at wow tbh
slept 6h today
i thought 6h was pretty normal??????????? i don't think i've slept more than 6h in years.
Silver/Nova tactics
if you are silver team literally just learn to shoot play dm like 1h every day and you will be LEM in a few weeks max, then maybe you need to learn some smokes to get further
EU vs. NA is stupid
Just gonna drop in here and say that just because NA has one good team now doesn't mean that "EU sucks". As a region EU is still light-years ahead of NA.
Hate towards Liquid
That's absolutely not true, NA are some of the most insecure people on the planet. Literally no one from EU cares that an NA team is top 1, but you always gotta make it about regions.
Do people seriously think that 20 wins in a row is enough to rank up? after you get LE it's like 30 wins per rank and 40 for GE.
straight people come here
i don't give a fuck if you're gay i'm also not interested in hearing about your gayness, just keep it to yourself
3rd place decider??
Literally no one gives a fuck about 3rd place deciders, good thing they aren't played.
[15+] Is she giving me signs?
fucking retard just go for it
Gaining Weight
Idk, I was drinking that much coke (sometimes even more) per day for over a year and my stomach is completely fine. Sure I gained a lot of weight as well but I've lost it all by now.
Gaining Weight
Sugarfree or? Also how much is a lot? I don't know about freedom units but if you drink 1,5 liters per day (I think it's about 50oz.) you should be gaining weight.
Gaining Weight
Drink a lot of soda and eat a lot of stuff high in sugar, shouldn't be too hard especially in the USA.
NaVi will win StarSeries 7
NaVi SHOULD win StarSeries, too bad NaVi and ENCE meet in quarters so we can't have NaVi - ENCE finals. Even if ENCE are ranked higher than NaVi I still think that NaVi is the better team.
favorite FPS?
Don't play any other FPS than CS. Even though I love CS I'm not really an FPS person, I've always been more into RTS.