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Best FaZe Fix
and rain? Norwegian People usually don't speak russian?
I will tell your IQ
1. #13 2. Yes 3. M4 4. Apex, LoL, really enjoyed some Single Player Games like Uncharted and The Last of Us on PS$ 5. Blacksite (The Danger Zone Map)
1. FaZe 2. Olofmeister 3. MIBR 4. If you only count Integers then the number between 2 and 4 is the 3
HLTV help
liquid fix to beat astralis
He was also one of the best perfoming members during both majors with complexity But I stick with the current Liquid Lineup, just like you. Just give them time and they will beat Astralis
liquid fix to beat astralis
You don't think stanislaw is good?
or you need to lose the last %'s of body fat for a competetion
Pro job in another world
+1 for hartzer xDDDDDD
china crowd toxic?
yes thats pretty racist in my opinion. These people just came there to play a video game tournament and don't want to "ruin" your country like you said...
Java learning
Do a Udemy course to begin with and learn the basics. Then read books about it. Then plan your own project what to do and what you need for it. Don't just start coding before you don't know what the ...
china crowd toxic?
What dafuq is wrong with you?
Top 10 Teams by form (2019 so far)
Lazarus at the major? you forgot about swag's ban?
at the major electronic > NiKo, edward > Olof and flamie > rain??? Did you really watch the Boston Major?! Everyone from Faze was destroying
Why is everyone pushing for k1o to FaZe?
I think he won't understand your point xD But I agree with you :D In my opinion they are just lacking someone who is able to lead them. In my opinion the 3 best options: - BnTet - MSL - stan...
he wasn't there for a long time so xD